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Move over Dracula. In gaming, the vampire fad of the nineties is out and zombies are in! In these fun Zombie Survival games, the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. It’s up to you to defend your base against the zombie horde, stock up on supplies, and make it out of the zombie infested city alive. Like Halloween games, our zombie games broadly fall into the categories action games and stategy games. Can you figure out how to kill all the zombies that are advancing on your hideout - in a Tower Defense pure style - before they get close enough to tear the walls down? Build traps, reinforce the walls, and make sure you don’t run out of ammunition. In our humorous zombie games, you can also try alternative tactics such as siccing your army of plants on the zombie horde, or hosting a gruesome zombie death-match.

The origins of Zombie survival games

Brain-eating zombies have been popular monsters to star in horror movies since Night of the Living Dead, and have become all the more widespread with the commercial success of series such as The Walking Dead. The first zombie video game was released in the mid 80s with Sandy White’s 1984 maze game Zombie Zombie, but within the world of gaming zombies really took off with the launch of Capcom’s Resident Evil series in 1996. Adapted from Haitian folklore and the religion of voodoo, the zombie has undergone significant changes in Western media. Originally, the zombie was a victim of an evil sorcerer who used magic to imprison a human’s soul and body into servitude even after death. However, in many video games and movies, zombies have come to represent fears about mindless consumer culture, disease, and out-of-control science. Frequently, a scientific accident or a deadly pathogen is responsible for mutating people into hungry ghouls that feed off human flesh.

Addicting Zombie games for kids

Test your skills and your instinct for survival: do you have the wherewithal to save your skin when the zombie invasion begins? Outrun the lumbering undead and shoot them in the head to kill them for good. Collect provisions and ammunition, and set out to search for fellow survivors. From the gruesome to the comical, we’ve got the best free online zombie games for you!