Run fast and kill all the zombies as a hero in Zombie Catcher Online! On another planet far away from earth, you are left alone with weird brain-eating zombies. Now, get your weapon and make sure you give in your all to save yourself from these zombies!

Get ready for a scary and thrilling adventure. If you believe in your enemy chasing and shooting skills, you will be doing good on this ride. Jump off the helicopter and run carefully. Shoot away your weapon the second you see a zombie. Sometimes, they will be hiding underground. You can lure them with a brain and get them out to shoot them right there. Jump over the objects, collect coins and try to clear all the zombies off your mystical lands. You can use the money you earned to upgrade your jetpack and gun. Now, focus on your enemies and try to complete this journey by passing all the 18 levels!

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Developer developed Pocket Zombie Sniper.

Release Date

October 22, 2021


3D graphics

Guns to unlock

Many levels to pass

First-person shooter game


You can use the left-click to shoot and the cursor to aim.