In, get ready to have some fun in the bathroom. Rubber ducks are fun to play with during a bubble bath, but these squeaky toys have other plans. Take your place at the water slide, and join the race to the bathtub! Can you be the first duck to make it to the tub?

Quack quack! Time to get ready for the race. Your objective in this game is to race against other players to be the first one to reach the end of the water slide track. To start the game, click on the play button on the main menu. After other players join the game, you'll start to slide down. To control your duck, you should move your cursor left and right while pressing and holding the left mouse button. On your way, you'll encounter different boosts. Green arrows increase your speed while geysers launch you in the air. You can jump off of the slide and glide in the air to a further part of it to get in the first place. Be careful not to fall to the ground, as this will end the game. Finishing the race rewards coins. You can spend these to unlock new ducks. Good luck!

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Developer developed

Release Date

February 20, 2020


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • 22 different ducks to unlock
  • 6 different rooms to unlock


Use your mouse to play this game.