Drac & Franc are two old friends and they've found themselves on an adventure. Are you ready to guide this supernatural duo through levels filled with challenging puzzles and traps?

You can play this game on your own or with a friend by sharing the same keyboard. The objective is pretty simple, but you should be ready to embrace the challenges on your way through multiple fun levels. All you need to do is to reach the exit door after collecting all the necessary items. Drac is an ancient vampire and he can collect vials of potions, while Franc can pick up screws. To control Franc, you should use the arrow keys. To control Drac, use the WASD keys. Sometimes, collecting all the items won't be enough to complete a level. You should pull levers, push buttons, and reach high places to clear the obstacles on your way to the exit door. These characters might be different, but they need to be a team to overcome all the challenges. Can you help them escape the dungeon?

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Brullworfel Lab developed Drac & Frank.

Release Date

March 6, 2023


  • Multiple challenging levels to complete
  • 2 different characters to control
  • Can be played alone or with a friend
  • Intuitive controls
  • Colorful 2D graphics


Use the WASD keys to control Drac and the arrow keys to control Frank.