Defend your area and protect your own life for real in Zombie Last Castle! Your town is being invaded by scary zombies and all they can do is walk at you in a dead-cold way. You are all alone against waves of zombies. So, get your gun and be prepared to fight for your life!

In this classic defense game, you will have to rapidly shoot at your enemies. Your whole life is in danger. To protect your area and your life, you have an automatic gun in your hand that rapidly shoots at these zombies. Still, they are coming to get you all at once and from all quarters. So, what you need is to move up and down or left or right on the lane to better aim at your enemies. You will have some promotions of new weapons occasionally, so try to collect them. Those weapons will help you eliminate your zombie enemies faster. Also, keep in mind that your crow enemies fly up high, and you can eliminate them with some fire. Don’t forget to upgrade your power, get extra mines, slow your enemies or get an extra shield. These assistances come in handy, so be sure to get them with your coins. Now, defend your area and complete as many levels as you can!

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RHM Interactive developed Zombie Last Castle.

Release Date
December 08, 2021

2D colorful graphics
Intuitive skills
Need for strategic thinking
Weapons to unlock
Extra supply or health point to buy
2 player options and 3 different difficulty levels

You can use your mouse to choose the options.