Play our collection of scary online games and get ready for a thrill

Do you like scary monsters and creepy creatures? Is horror your favorite movie genre? With our collection of scary games, you can enjoy all kinds of hair-raising adventures. How about our collection of spooky Halloween games full of witches, ghosts, and other scary monsters? You can dress up your favorite characters like supernatural creatures, or decorate a haunted house with spiders, cobwebs, and skulls. In our collection of horror games, you’ll have to survive all kinds of terrifying situations without giving in to fear. Try to keep it together and don’t lose your nerve, or you won’t survive!

Find the best scary games for kids to play

This is where you’ll find our full overview of scary games. While our Halloween titles will also feature cute things like candy and goofy pumpkin lanterns, this page is the home of all things scary. Escape from a vampire’s castle, fight a horde of skeleton warriors, and solve some strange murder mysteries. Do you dare set foot in the haunted mansions and dark forests full of secrets? Try not to scream when a black cat jumps out from under the stairs, or a bat suddenly whizzes by your head. We hope you don’t scare easily, because there are lots of creaking doors and hidden jump-scares waiting for you in these games. You’ll encounter gruesome mummies, ghouls, zombies and more! In fact, if you love zombie games, we’ve got a whole page dedicated specifically to zombie-themed adventures!

Unblocked scary games for free on tablet and mobile

If you’re looking for a fright, look no further! Enjoy fun games with scary story lines set in all kinds of frightening and abandoned places. So turn down the lights, turn up the eerie background music, and play in the dark if you dare! You can enjoy Kizi’s collection of unblocked scary games on tablet, mobile, or PC wherever you go… if you can pluck up the courage, that is!