In Grand Prix Hero, let's see if you really are fast and furious. You need to be both if you want to win this race. Hop in your car, head to the start line, and wait for the race to start. Do you think you can beat all of the other racers to the finish line?

Give me fuel, give me fire cause the race is about to start. You were made to live life on the roads and it's time for your rivals to see that. Are you ready to unleash your inner racer right now so that the other racers can eat your dust? In this game, your objective is to reach the finish line before the other racers and emerge victoriously. To control your car, you can use the arrow keys. Hit the gas and show them that you are the real deal. To go even faster, you can try to pass over the arrows you can see on the road. They will give a speed boost and give you the chance to pass your opponents. And don't forget to collect the coins you can see on the road. They will prove useful later on. Oh, you couldn't finish the race in the first position? Don't worry! You can always upgrade your car with the coins and stand a better chance against them. Good luck!

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b10b developed Grand Prix Hero.

Release Date

April 02, 2020


  • Upgrades to buy
  • 4 different maps
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use the arrow keys to control the car.