In Zombie, say goodbye to the world you once knew. Gone are the days when you used to worry about having a job and waking up early. The moment the dead rose from their graves, everything turned into a fight to breathe. Let's hope you know how to use a gun. The apocalypse is here!

There are too many empty graves around! Now is the time to prove your courage, strength, and wisdom. Only then can you survive these terrible days and live to tell the tale. There are two different game modes you can check out. In the first game mode, you need to move around the map using the arrow keys or WASD keys and kill all the zombies. When you see zombies, your character will start shooting automatically. Since the zombies attack in waves, you may need help. You can find survivors along the way who will join you. You can also click on the buttons on the bottom left and right corner of the screen to call for help. Kill all the bosses whose names are in red and underlined in your list to earn pizzas and buy upgrades with them. Getting rid of them will also unlock new locations. In the league mode, there are two modes you can check out. In the pvp mode, fight against both zombies and other players. In the car mode, find fuel for the car and leave the city to escape the horde. Good luck!

Play Adam and Eve: Zombiesfor the apocalypse with a twist. Enjoy!


New Gamer developed Zombie

Release Date

June 25, 2021


  • In-game shop to buy boosters
  • Achievements to unlock
  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • 3 different game modes
  • New locations to unlock


You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control your characters. Press the left mouse button to click on the buttons.