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Get ready to cause mayhem in these fantastic Bomb It games here at Kizi. Prepare yourself for some loud fun because these fascinating games are all about explosives! Play against other players online in each of these games and try to blow them up by placing bombs strategically around each map. Can you trick others into walking into your bombs or will you end up caught in your own trap?

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The timer on the bomb is ticking so you’d better hurry! Browse our Bomb It games collection and choose one of the fun games listed here. Each of these has different features so you can have a new and fresh experience with every game. There are many different character models in these games and you can choose the one that looks most appealing to you. Nothing about Bomb It games is boring. Choose from different game modes to try out a variety of different gameplay opportunities, each with specific objectives for you to complete. Try the “Arcade Mode” in the second game Bomb It 2 and try to kill all of your opponents, or choose the “Collect the Coins Mode” to try to collect 10 coins before other players. Or join the Bomb It Sports Meeting and take part in the competitions to win a reward in the amazing Bomb It 7. Browse our collection freely and be sure to check out each one of these games!

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We have collected many Bomb It games for you to enjoy. Which one will be your favorite?

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  • Bomb It 2

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  • Bomb It 7

  • Bomb It Mission

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