Save the hostages in Zombie Mission 10 and help them heal! This underground prison is used to keep innocent people hostage, and you can save them if you wish. We have to say that it will not be easy, though. Those innocent people are held hostage by the dangerous zombies. Now, you need to fight against those zombies. Can you save many lives and survive yourself, too?

In this fun platform game, you will be presented with many challenges when you're trying to save people's lives. First and foremost, you need to protect yourself against the guns of zombie guards. They can harm you and make you lose a life. But if you get hurt, you can still get the healing bonuses and prolong your life. Always try to aim for two things in this game; the coins and the hostages that scream help. When you take and heal all the hostages, collect all the coins, and safely kill the zombies, you can go through the portal and move on to the next level. There are thirty levels to pass, and you should fight intensively against the enemies in each round. You will occasionally have boss enemies at some levels including the final level. So, try to fight well against them, too. Now get on the platform and pass all the thirty levels to save everyone!

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RHM Interactive developed Zombie Mission 10.

Release Date
December 01, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• 30 levels
• Boss enemies at some levels
• Intuitive controls

You can use the WASD for one player and arrow keys for the second player. Use the F key to shoot for player 1 and the L key for player 2. Use the G key to use grenade for player 1 and the K key for player 2. Use the W key to jump for player 1 and the up-arrow key for player 2. Use the Q key to switch weapons for player 1 and the O key for player 2.