Fight against dangerous zombies in The Great Zombie Warzone! Right now, everywhere is a zombie warzone after the recent attack of mortifying zombies. So, can you lead a strong army and save everyone in the city from these zombies?

Here is a strategy game for you. You are the leader of an important force in the city and your city needs you more than ever. There has been a zombie apocalypse which led many zombies to march to the city center. So, use your coins and place your soldiers in the possible spots. Your aim is to place the right type of soldier in the most convenient way and at the right time. If you build up good strategies, you will see your soldiers automatically eliminate all the zombies. Make sure that your soldiers have enough power not to fail the levels. You have twelve levels ahead of you. So, let’s see if you can complete them all by upgrading your system and building good strategies!

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Developer developed The Great Zombie Warzone.

Release Date

June 23, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• 12 levels

• Strategical thinking required

• Upgrades available


You can click left on the possible spots to place your soldiers and let them fight the zombies.