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Enjoy the mischievous adventures of the criminal duo in the Money Makers series here at Kizi! Take control of the criminal brothers and help them escape from their prison cell by navigating through many exciting levels in these addictive games. Puzzles, security cameras, guards, and other inmates are the obstacles lying between your characters and freedom. Choose one of these free fantastic games and start your prison break right now!

Money Movers: games to enjoy with a friend or by yourself

The brothers need each other’s help to escape the prison. In Money Movers games, you can play by yourself or with a friend! Control two characters by yourself or have a friend join you and work together to collect the money bags and pass levels. The brothers think that prison is not the best place to spend their time so they came up with a plan to escape. Help them win their freedom in the first game of the series, Money Movers 1. There are far more dangerous inmates in the prison but the guards and the security cameras will not let them pass easily. Use your environment to solve the puzzles, evade guards and inmates, and make your way through. You are fresh out of prison but your father needs to escape from his cell, too! In the second game of the series Money Movers 2, break into the prison to rescue the criminal brothers’ father. Many more adventures are waiting for you! Browse our Money Movers games and challenge yourself as you try to solve the various puzzles in these free games!

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Check out all the games in the Money Movers series that we’ve collected for you. Help the criminal brothers through all these games!

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