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Enjoy all kinds of games featuring creepy creatures, from friendly collectible critters and cute little imps, to the more frightening creations of the horror and fantasy genres. Here, you’ll find adorable pocket monsters, but also mutated swamp creatures, extraterrestrial beings, vampires, werewolves, and of course Doctor Frankenstein’s famous creation. Have a browse through our games catalogue, or continue reading to find out more about these folklore creatures. If you were looking for monster trucks, however, head over to this page.

Monsters, myths, and cautionary tales

There are lots of different types of supernatural creatures, from mythical beings with divine powers and snakes for hair or multiple heads, to grotesque figures with superhuman strength and fictional creatures based on real animals. The word ‘monster’ is related to the Latin words ‘monere’ and ‘monstrum’. Moneo means to warn, and monstrum means an evil omen. Both word relate to the traditional function of monsters in myths and folklore, to instruct people that certain acts and attitudes may have terrible consequences! In modern horror and sci-fi film and literature, much of this cautionary function has been preserved, often reflecting current social fears and anxieties. For instance, mutated humans and reawakened ancient creatures of the deep often warn of the consequences of pollution, nuclear hazards, or unnatural science.

Monsters in video games

In video games, monsters and legendary creatures often figure as enemies for the player to defeat, although you might also have to feed little monsters, or capture, train, and evolve them. You’ll find a range of different games on this page, so come and take a look around to find your new favorites. If you love creepy creatures and paranormal thrills, don’t forget to check out our selection of horror games and Halloween games as well! Have fun playing!