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Get ready for a fright with our free online horror games! These games all belong to the genre that entertains by inspiring fear. From fighting off zombies to helping a headless nobleman, these games feature vampires, werewolves, zombies, and lots of other supernatural creeps! Below, you can read more about the genre and our games. If you want to play even more games featuring strange and scary monsters, then try our monster games page here, or check out our catalogue of spooky Halloween games!

Horror, an enduring genre

Scary stories about murders, mysteries, and monsters have been popular long before the Gothic horror genre became established in the 18th century. From myths about monstrous beings to tales of terrible hauntings, it seems that people have always delighted in the thrills of a good ghost story or a frightening murder mystery. From the cosmic horrors of H.P. Lovecraft to the supernatural suspense novels of Stephen King, scary fiction remains very much in demand. In film and TV, the genre has also been popular from the very early days of silent film in the 1890s until the present - although scary movies aren’t everyone’s idea of fun! When it comes to horror in film, fiction, and games, there is a huge variety in subgenres, including science fiction, supernatural, and comedy horror, thrillers, zombie films, and ‘found footage’ movies. In video games, a number of popular survival games involve surviving various attacks by a host of supernatural creatures such as zombies and mutant creatures!

About our collection of horror games

Most of the horror games you’ll find on our website are child-friendly and contain funny (or even kind of adorable) cartoon zombies and monsters. Use magical plants to keep the undead from invading your garden, or help a decapitated nobleman find his way back to the castle in a series of entertaining puzzle levels. Looking for more? Don’t forget to check out our collection of scary games as well! Have fun playing!