In Evil Nun Schools Out, get ready to feel the utmost fear in your veins! After your daughter was taken from you by the evil spirits, you have decided to come to creepy this school and end everything. You must find the Evil nun and diminish her once and for all. You can think of it as detention but way far from the real one. Wander around the school, find your way out or take the nun to hell with your weapons. Do you have what it takes to survive in this school?

You are having the scariest day of your life. There are only 2 options ahead of you. Either you will survive, or you take the evil nun with you to hell. In this horror game, there are two modes that you can play. The first one is the escape mode in which you must get out of school to save your life. This mode is the escape room concept that you search for necessary items and open the gates. You must be very quiet, though. The nun can hear even the quietest sounds! The second mode is the shooter mode, in which you try to collect the crosses and kill the nun with your holly weapons. You don't have to watch a movie anymore to get quality horror! Good luck and stay alive!

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Developer developed Evil Nun Schools Out.

Release Date

September 23, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Spooky background and characters
  • 2 game modes to enjoy
  • Thrilling gameplay


Escape mode: W,A,S,D to move F to interact/hide/use item, G to drop item, T to Unhide, Escape to pause, Left CTRL to crouch. Shooter mode: W,A,S,D to move, left-click to fire, right-click to aim. Roll to change weapons, G for grenades, R to reload, F to pick items, Left Shift to run, left CTRL to crouch, X to prone, Space to jump.