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Simulation games are video games designed to accurately simulate real-life activities. Some are designed purely for entertainment, while other simulations are created for the purpose of training people for certain situations or professions. Here at Kizi, we’ve got a broad collection of simulation games spanning various genres. For example, try our sports simulation games in which you have to manage a team and win competitions. Or our space war simulations, where you can participate in intergalactic battles. We also have a collection of animal sim games. In these 3D adventures, you can experience life through the eyes of a tiger, a fox, and other wild animals. You have to hunt, hide, and fight to survive. Are you up for the challenge?

Simulation game history

The first simulation games came about in the mid-80s, when games companies started creating games based on real-life sports. Building on activities that already had a popular following meant guaranteed interest, provided the makers could recreate the experience of a match or championship to a satisfactory level. Sports simulations games and racing simulation games where among the first to use the term ‘simulation’ in the title, but it was through the successes of the SimCity series that simulation video games well and truly became a booming genre. The popularity of this series propelled the subgenre of city-building sims and management simulation games to fame. Have a look around on this simulation games page and you’ll find quite a number of titles in which you get to experience what it’s like to run a city, a busy mall, or a hotel.

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Simulation games are not limited to any one genre. What’s important is the realism of the game and the freedom you have as a player to explore the consequences of the choices you make. Have a look around Kizi’s collection of addicting sim games and find the genres you like best. From war sims to flight sims, there are lots of fun adventures to explore!