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Play fast-paced driving games at Kizi and feel the thrill

In Kizi’s collection of driving games, you can speed along the road or the dirt track with all kinds of exciting vehicles. From fast sports cars to roaring motorcycles, these games will put your driving skills to the test. Stay in control of the wheel in the sharpest bends and send the dust flying with the big wheels of your quad bike. You’ll have to manage to keep your vehicle on the road in the toughest weather conditions, when the visibility is low and the asphalt is slippery with rain. Or venture off-road altogether and drive your 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles across rough terrain. Only the best drivers need apply!

Enjoy the best free online driving games and train your reaction speed

While driving down the road, you’ll have to react quickly to avoid getting caught in accidents and collisions. Other vehicles might suddenly switch lanes, or they might even try to block you or slam into you! Show off your driving skills and react as quickly as you can. Swerve aside and dodge your attackers. In other driving games, you’ll have to drive and shoot at the same time. Can you take down your opponents without crashing? There’s no better way to demonstrate what an excellent driver you are than by throwing in some amazing jumps and flips to gain more points, additional time, or extra fuel. Looking for more excitement on the road? Why not play some of our rip-roaring racing games, too?

Enjoy the coolest unblocked driving games on the go

Play the coolest 2D and 3D driving games wherever you are, on mobile, tablet, or PC. While school networks and libraries (and lately even some restaurants!) try to block gaming content, you can always access the best unblocked driving games at Kizi. Let your surroundings blend into a speed blur as you whoosh across the track at Kizi!