With Furious Racing 3D, get ready for an extraordinary driving experience! This car simulation game will make you feel like you are in your car, holding the wheel and about to floor the gas right now! Choose your game mode and be prepared to drive your dream car only with your keyboard. Break your own scores, earn bright diamonds, and upgrade your vehicle. No one can ever stop you now!

Here, we brought a driving adventure for you to push the limits in the way you want! Start with the predetermined default car and redecorate it according to your own taste. Or you can buy new brand sports cars to add more excitement to the game! There is no specific objective for you to follow in this fun car simulation game. Select the road option depending on your current mood, either a snowy day to relax or Japan to perform crazy drifts! There are four game modes as one-way, two-way, time attack, and free ride. We believe the mode names explain everything! You can upgrade your car stats as you earn coins by performing drifts and stunts. Besides stat upgrading, you can also change some features like activating the mirrors. To change the camera view, press on the "C" key. And to boost the speed, press on the "X" key. If you are ready, let the journey begin!

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Great Games developed this game.

Release Date

August 9, 2019


  • Car driving simulation with colorful graphics
  • Upgrading car stats
  • Various car models to unlock
  • 4 different game modes


The left and right arrows to direct the car. The up arrow to go and the down arrow to stop. "C" key to change the camera and "X" to boost.