In Block Craft 3D, it's time to go on an adventure to an interactive world! The sky is the limit in this crafty game! You need to some building job. Are you ready to find some elements to build houses, buildings, and so on? Let's jump in the game! Have fun!

Block Craft 3D is created inspired by Minecraft games which are born in 2009! This time you need to collect blocks to build your own Minecraft world. If you are excited to see this world and ready to create your own world from scratch, you can start the game by clicking on the play button. You will first face an uncultivated land, and you need to find blocks and building materials in this land. You will see empty boxes at the bottom of the screen. As you collect the items, you can follow the numbers from there. Use your right and left click to mine and place items. You can move by using WASD or arrow keys and your mouse. If you want to jump; you can press space. You can also throw an item by using the T key and add trees by C. Are you ready to inspire and use your imagination? You will really love this game if you like to play Minecraft! Have fun!

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Developer developed Block Craft 3D.

Release Date

June 1, 2018


  • 3D pixelated graphics
  • Minecraft inspired
  • Adventurous game
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.