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Knock out your opponents in a series of exciting boxing competitions. In these games, you’ll have to keep your guard up to block the opponent’s punches, while striking at the right moment to land a blow in return. Can you win each fight? You’ll have to keep your fighter’s stamina up while dealing the opponent enough damage to knock them down. In addition to boxing games, we also have a collection of other free fighting games in which you can try a range of other martial arts as well. Click on the link above to check out the full collection!

Boxing and fist-fighting, a brief history

Fist-fighting competitions date thousands of years back, but modern boxing first emerged in England around the late 1600s. These boxing matches were bare-knuckle fights also known as prizefighting, and quite different from boxing as we know it today. The rules of prizefighting were nothing like the rules of modern boxing. In fact, there weren’t many rules at all! Which meant that these matches were often bloody and very chaotic. Fighters were allowed to do all kinds of things that are not at all permitted in the modern boxing ring, such as biting each other, poking each other in the eyes, and headbutting. Sometimes boxers would agree not to do any scratching or eye-gouging, such as in the match between the famous female fist-fighter Elizabeth Wilkinson against Hannah Hyfield. To ensure that both parties stuck to this agreement, each fighter clutched coins in their hands during the fight, meaning that they had to keep their fists clenched in order not to drop their money.

In 1743, the boxing champion Jack Broughton was the first to introduce a written set of boxing rules. These rules were meant to protect boxers, since it wasn’t all that uncommon for people to be killed in bare-knuckle bouts. However, it wasn’t until the introduction of the 1838 and 1853 London Prize Ring Rules that underhand moves like headbutts, eye-gouging, biting, kicks, and using stones to clobber opponents were properly banned from the boxing ring. The further addition of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules in 1867 set additional rules for the duration of rounds and the size of the ring. The Queensberry Rules also specify that boxers must wear boxing gloves, and introduced the ten-second KO countdown and the ability to give up a match by throwing in the towel. It is this set of rules that generally governs modern boxing.

Boxing games for PC and mobile devices

The boxing games you’ll find here on Kizi include boxing championship games set in an official boxing ring, as well as street boxing games without gloves (and with illegal moves). You can play our unblocked boxing games on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and PC. Have a browse and play your favorite titles here at Kizi!