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Mad Boss Mad Boss

Mad Boss is a cool first person shooter title at Kizi games for school. You are equipped with a gun. You must test out your shooting skills. In the game, you have been tasked by your boss to complete a range of difficult missions and you must first complete a variety of training missions before thay your ultimate aim is to take out the evil terrorists.

Moana's Bridal Salon Moana's Bridal Salon

Moana's Bridal Salon is one of the most beautiful and interesting game from the Princess games category at Kizi 4 girls. Every princess will find a perfect wedding dress in the studio! Hey, Girls! Very simple to play, your goals is to help Princess Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel to get a new look with the wedding outfits at Moana's Bridal Salon. Just follow the instructions in game and make them nicer.

Princess Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017 Princess Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017 is an annual fashion show sponsored by Victoria's. If you love fashion, Princess Victoria Secret Show 2017 is new game for free online at Kizi girls games 2018. Choose some nice dress, really sexy wings and unique accessories. This is a simple dress up game and your goals is to help them one by one.

Miguel Scooter Time Miguel Scooter Time

Miguel Scooter Time is the newest game our team at Kizi 2018 game. Coco has been one of the best received animated movies of 2017 and Miguel is going to be the main character. In the game, your mission is to help Miguel have a beautiful little scooter that he could ride here on our web site.

Anna's Date Makeover Anna's Date Makeover

We invite you to check out this Anna's Date Makeover game right here on Kizi 4 unblcoked games. Uh! Oh! Anna has had a breakout on her face. Anna has a great date with the be in love with of her life - Kristoff. To enjoying a great time together, they will go to a favourite restaurant and eat delicious food. Can you help help the cute princess?

Polar Fireworks Polar Fireworks

Polar Fireworks is an addictive bubble shooter at Kizi 4 school. A group of smart penguins in the cold Antarctic, they play with the polar bear in a puzzle game. Your aim is to help the penguins pop the bubbles and watch a fireworks show and to clear the field and move on to a new level.

Balloons Vs. Zombies 3 Balloons Vs. Zombies 3

Enjoy the third installment of this fun physics-based game at Kizi 4unblocked -  Balloons vs. Zombies 3 arrived! Equips you with a high tech gun. In the third installment, your mission is to get rid of all badass undeads; aim and shoot knifes to stab your targets or use balloons to cause a chain of actions and cause them to fly towards various dangerous objects. Destroy all of the undead monsters to finish each level.

Werewolf Rider Werewolf Rider

Werewolf Rider is an online racing game at Kizi 2 games. Click START button and select your favorite vehicle. your mission is to drive your bike to reach the end of each level with the highest score. With the amazing 3D graphics and lively sound, the game allows you to embedded yourself in a real race.

Cross Sonic Race Cross Sonic Race

Cross Sonic Race is an exciting motorcycle race at Kizi2. Choose your character and motorbike. Ex post select the way you want to control the character. In a game, your goals is to help Sonic to drive cross all the obstacles! Complete the amazing stunts. Get ready for plenty of difficulties!

2020 2020

2020 is a challenging puzzle game at Kizi 4 game. In the game, the player mission is to places different blocks on a game board of 10 by 10 fields and has to fill horizontal or vertical lines to make them disappear.

Powerbot Powerbot

Powerbot is an endless game of defense and set upon at Kizi 4 unblocked. Your mission is to defend the power generator and kill any humans who seek to destroy it. Beginning building! Defeat the enemy and with the energy you earn and you can build new robots. You can also upgrade them so the get even stronger. What are you waiting for?

Geometry Dash Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash game isn't a math game while it was the first created for mobile devices. Now, at the momment you have the privilege of playing it straight from your web Kizi games for kids! Put your reaction skills to the test in this fast-paced game where you have to jump to avoid oncoming objects.

Princesses Justice League Dress Princesses Justice League Dress

Princesses Justice League Dress is on list of Cartoons Games at Kizi girls games. The four girls: Moana, Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel. They have decided to switch things up a bit. They are going to dress up as their favorite characters from Justice League, of course with your help.

Ashlynn Ella Date Makeover Ashlynn Ella Date Makeover

It's Monday morning, Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman is going out on a date this weekend. Play Ashlynn Ella Date Makeover game at Kizi 4 girls. Your task is to choose: hairstyle, clothes, make up and other accessories like earrings and necklace. Click the buttons and you will choose your items. Could you help her choose the most beautiful date dress and also match up with accessories?

Frosty Princess Party Surprise Frosty Princess Party Surprise

The Frosty Princess Party Surprise is a very cute, princess game at www It's Elsa's Birthday and Ariel and Rapunzel are always ready to have some fun and what’s more ... they’re ready to bring it to the others. Let’s bring some magic to the living room and decorate it: Balloons, birthday cake and garlands will definitely bring the festive and joy mood. Then, choose the outfits for Ariel and Rapunzel.

Princesses Tea Party In Wonderland Princesses Tea Party In Wonderland

Audrey, Jessie and Victoria had a super idea for this Halloween.The goal of the game at Kizi games 4 is Elsa and Anna find a mystery baby in front of their castle and they want to take care of her until find her parents. This is a mobile game of 2018.

Katie's Flower Shop Katie's Flower Shop

Katie's Flower Shop is a very healthy and inexpensive activity for girls and boys at Kizi4unblocked. Katie opened a new cute flower shop. The goal of the game is to help Katie get her flower shop ready. First, select a warm color for the wallpaper that will cover the walls. Next, choose the most beautiful flower pots of all and then help her decide on the best floral arrangements.

 Lemonade Lemonade

Lemonade is an online HTML5 game at kizi 4 mobile games. If you like eat lemon, this game is really prepared for you. Click or tap to release your juice. Collect gems! Unlock new fruits! Keep juicing until you fill many cups full of lemonade!

Wolf Simulator Wolf Simulator

Wolf Simulator at Kizi4unblocked is a simulation game featuring survival elements. Have you ever imagined being wild Wolf? Help the wolf survive against the harsh realities of the wild. Select a wolf class. Then move around this open world and hunt for prey - tackle other animals. You must show your power and prove your strength as a hunter, speed, endurance, attack power, more and more ... Complete all 30 LEVELS!

Kogama: Human vs Roblox Kogama: Human vs Roblox

Kogama: Human vs Roblox - Another installment full of action of the cool multiplayer online shooting game series at Kizi 4 unblocked games. Join a team and take part in exciting battles for the victory. Collect coins to buy cool features, like: a jet-pack and more .... Enjoy!!!

Paladog Paladog

Paladog is a free strategy game and brought to you by kizi school Games for kids. In a far future, the mother earth has lost vitality due to overwhelming greed and selfishness of human. The devils, after all, decide to declare war on the critterland. Help Paladog to fight and kill all monsters in Critterland. Gather your troops. Upgrade your abilities and bring down the bad guys.

Unlock Blox Unlock Blox

Unlock Blox is a fun and classic addictive puzzle games at kizi4school. The goal of the game is to help the yellow block get out successfully. Interesting gameplay! Very beautifull graphics! Let's play Unlock Blox! 

Princess Winter Olympics Princess Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics is coming! Get ready to attend the Princess Winter Olympics together with five of your favorite Disney Princesses! Princess Winter Olympics at Kizi games is available for PC and Mobile devices. Help them choose comfortable and fashion sports dress and the final picture with all the winners.

Super Box Super Box

Super Box is a great flat style arcade game at Kizi 4 unblocked with very beautiful graphics. The game is ideally suited for mobile devices. You need to tap the right color to make the block jump; if your response time is too long, you will lose.

Princess Color Run Princess Color Run

Play this cute dress up game for girls called Princess Color Run at Kizi 4 games. Your task is to help Moana, Cinderella, Elsa and Mulan get their sporty chic looks ready for this funny and colourful marathon. Accessorise each girl’s look with headbands, cool sunglasses and with cute bracelets. After, select six of your favourite colors for the funniest part of the game.

Pixel Volleyball Pixel Volleyball

Think you are a good Pixel Volleyball player? Pixel Volley is a fun and entertaining volleyball game featuring pixelated characters and cool volleyball gameplay at Kizi 4 games for kids. In this game, you controll two different players and you must keep them jumping to keep the volleyball in the air and prevent it from touching your side of the court.

LEGO Avengers Iron Man LEGO Avengers Iron Man

LEGO Avengers Iron Man is one of our selected Movie Games for Kids at Kizi 4 unblocked. In the LEGO Avengers Iron Man, you will have to enter a world made of blocks and defeat all the opponents. Power up your flying suit. Soar above rooftops to blast away enemies.

Kill Da Guy 2 Kill Da Guy 2

Welcome to the another cool Online Stickman Killing Game Kill Da Guy 2 at Kizi 4 games! Once again, players are in charge to find a way to kill a poor stickman guy over and over again. Just click one the various objects and characters and see what happens. Try to think outside the box and see how far you can get.

Funky Karts Funky Karts

Prove your advanced driving skills in Funky Karts with many hard tracks at kizi Games for kids online. Ride your cute kart carefully to overcome many obstacles by climbing steep slopes and across vast plains and reach the target in Funky Karts game.

What Are Orcs 2 What Are Orcs 2

Be stronger and flexible to save your little friend and yourself in the hazardous war full of powerful evils in What Are Orcs 2 of kizi kids. You are alone to fight against thousands of enemies but you have many types of modern weapons which play the important roles in your victory of What Are Orcs 2 game.

Robbers In Town Robbers In Town

Robbers in Town is a fun and unique game with many interesting features. Help the two robbers who escape from the prison steal whatever loot they can find and avoid the various obstacles on their way in Robbers In Town free game of kizi for school free Games.

UNO Online UNO Online

Welcome to UNO Online at Kizi 4 unblocked games - This game was developed in America in 1971 and received many positive comments by thousands of the players over the world.

Bitcoin Mining Simulator Bitcoin Mining Simulator

Earning money is never as easy as it is in Bitcoin Mining Simulator of Kizi games. The aim of this game is quite simple, it is to mine Bitcoin as quickly and efficiently as possible by clicking on the bitcoin button as often as you can.

Do you want to drive a boat and explore many wonderful experiences in the ocean? Don’t think anymore! Come to BattleBoats IO – an awesome multiplayer game for all ages at Kizi 4 kids. Keep your eyes to destroy your opponent's headquarters and build safe bases for your boat. All you need is to drive your boat wisely, move continuously on the sea and avoid being destroyed by the bigger boats.

Bike Champ Bike Champ

There are obstacles you must overcome in the Bike Champ game online at KIZI GAMES. Balancing the car in the distance is very important when you join the Bike Champ game. Do not miss the last chance to win different levels of this Bike Champ. Take this fun game when you want to play the driving game online!

Car Simulator Arena Car Simulator Arena

Welcome to the exciting 3D driving game 'Car Simulator Arena' at Kizi 4 in which you can explore a vast landscape in a series of awesome sports cars. Choose one of the coolest sport cars and start exploring vast landscapes or play footbal driving your vehicle.

Road of Fury 3 Road of Fury 3

Road of Fury 3 at kizi com Games is a fun platform game with upgrade and driving elements. Drive your enemy and blow it off as soon as possible. Mission gun to automatically shoot down all your enemies out on wasteland. Earn money to upgrade your car.

Just Park it 11 Just Park it 11

Just Park It 11 - Kizi unblocked: Finding parking in the city is not easy, especially if you have a huge refrigerator truck. You task is drive a long truck trailer and must follow the green arrow to park it in several spots in each level. The green arrow will indicate to you the direction, you will have to cross the motorways, where the flow of machines is continuously moving.

Buggy Simulator Buggy Simulator

Buggy Simulator is a 3D driving game at kizi 4 unbocked. Ride - jump - drift and feel a total driving freedom in the cool 3D driving game Buggy Simulator. Prove that you are a good driver by handling all the buggies on different surfaces. To keep a buggy car on the road is quite demanding on drivers driving skills.

We Are Friends We Are Friends

You are very lucky because you always have best friends who are willing to give a hand to you in We Are Friends. Act together to grab the chance to escape from an area full of deadly traps and difficulties in We Are Friends free game of friv free online Games.

The Last Survivors The Last Survivors

There will be two players appearing in the game The Last Survivors at all kizi games. Each person will move and create opportunities for the movement of the other. They will also complete the quest of each level in The Last Survivors game. Explore special abilities when you play The Last Survivors. Find your door together!

Fox Simulator Fox Simulator

Do you have questions about the life and survival of a fox? Join the Fox Simulator game at kizi for kids and help a survival fox as well as how to make a fox feed the family and complete their missions. This Fox Simulator game is easy to explore and overcome challenges. Join Fox Simulator game with your friends today!

Air Traffic Game Air Traffic Game

Are you looking for interesting traffic games and want to participate in Air Traffic Game at Kizigames 2018? Let's start the first level in this Air Traffic Game. The planes need to be landed in the right place and you will act as the conductor of the plane in the airport. Complete the missions at the Air Traffic Game today.

Jump Ninja Hero Jump Ninja Hero

You are in a dangerous area with many sharp flying blades in Jump Ninja Hero on The last survivor is none other than you. Be the courageous ninja hero of this terrible land to overlive and set a record in Jump Ninja Hero online game at kizi for kids!

Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars

In Civilizations Wars on, you have a chance to turn back to the past and get in a confrontation among 3 mighty forces. Utilize your troops and spells to conquer the land in this cute but brutal and strategic Civilizations Wars game of free kizi.

To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery

To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery game online is one of the surgery games at kizi Games for girls. You can join the game To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery and explore the beauty world right here. There are many interesting things to discover in this To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery. Enjoy this challenge!

Peugeot Hidden Tires Peugeot Hidden Tires

Today, kizi school Games will introduce players to a fascinating puzzle game - Peugeot Hidden Tires. With the ability to observe and intelligence, you will have to find all the tires within the specified time in Peugeot Hidden Tires game online. Ready to explore Peugeot Hidden Tires free game? Good luck!

Princess Mermaid Beauty Salon Princess Mermaid Beauty Salon

Do you love the mermaid? Do you want to be a beautiful mermaid in the ocean? Don’t think anymore! Click Princess Mermaid Beauty Salon game at kizi school Games and turn you into a beautiful mermaid now! A world filled with surprises awaits you in Princess Mermaid Beauty Salon. Much fun!

Bliss Forest Escape Bliss Forest Escape

Imagine you get lost in a mysterious forest and your mission is to find clues and escape this forest. Jump into Bliss Forest Escape game at Games kizi online and express your intelligence now! How long can you escape the forest of Bliss Forest Escape online game? Go ahead and get the victory!

Kamaz Delivery 3: The Country Challenge Kamaz Delivery 3: The Country Challenge

The Kamaz Delivery 3: The Country Challenge game online is one of the fun truck games at kizi school Games for kids. You can start your exciting driving journey today. Play this Kamaz Delivery 3: The Country Challenge and have fun exploring. Start discovering Kamaz Delivery 3: The Country Challenge today!

Mummy Candies Mummy Candies

Your mission in Mummy Candies game online at kizi for kids is to collect all the candy at a certain time. You can help Mummy in this Mummy Candies game and reach the score as the mission of the game has come up. Get ready for any challenge in the levels at this Mummy Candies. Are you ready for candies of the Halloween?

Tom And Jerry Hidden Stars Tom And Jerry Hidden Stars

Each level corresponds to a picture and you need to find the stars hidden in the picture in the game Tom And Jerry Hidden Stars. KIZI GAMES bring this Tom And Jerry Hidden Stars exciting game to those who love to explore and search for special adventures. Play this Tom And Jerry Hidden Stars when you have time.

Frozen Sisters Balloon Dress Look Frozen Sisters Balloon Dress Look

The princess needs to release a new collection in the game Frozen Sisters Balloon Dress Look at kizi Games for girls. Beautiful clothes are shown in this Frozen Sisters Balloon Dress Look game. You will become a professional and great stylist. Join the Frozen Sisters Balloon Dress Look right here. Have more fun!

Hello Kitty Room Cleanup Hello Kitty Room Cleanup

Hello Kitty's room becomes cluttered because she does not have time to clean up. You will be helping Kitty to clean her room in the Hello Kitty Room Cleanup game at KIZI 4 GAMES. This Hello Kitty Room Cleanup is for girls who explore in their spare time. The new Hello Kitty Room Cleanup will fascinate you with the lessons.

The Impossible Dash The Impossible Dash

The Impossible Dash at Kizi games 2018 is one fast-moving game where you need to pass all the obstacles before being stabbed into them. Don't forget to collect the gold coins in The Impossible Dash game. There are a plenty of rooms for you to choose from to start The Impossible Dash. Complete the game with the highest score!

Spongebob And Sandy First Aid Spongebob And Sandy First Aid

There are so many wounds on Spongebob And Sandy and you need to help them in the game Spongebob And Sandy First Aid at kizi play Games. The Spongebob And Sandy First Aid teaches you basic skills to save people when they are injured. You will act as a doctor in Spongebob And Sandy First Aid. Take this great chance!

Dunk Ball Dunk Ball

Do not miss your favorite basketball game at KIZI GAMES named Dunk Ball. Throw the ball into the basket and score the highest score until the Dunk Ball game ends if a ball is thrown out. Act as the observer of the ball and choose the location of the basket, you will participate in this game Dunk Ball. Check your talent!

Trezerocket Trezerocket

The missile moves very fast and you need to help it avoid obstacles on the way in Trezerocket. kiziGames 2018 bring this Trezerocket game for speed enthusiasts. You have to move the mouse so that the rockets are not crashing into the meteorite blocks. It is difficult to complete the quest in this Trezerocket game. Enjoy it! is a must-play game that you can enjoy for free at KIZI GAMES 2018. This is another battle against zombies. To be ready for the battle, you first gather some simple resources such as wood and stone in order to place a gold stash which uses to establish your base and hold your gold.

Baby Lisi Newborn Panda Baby Lisi Newborn Panda

There are many animals you can discover in the world of Baby Lisi Newborn Panda at kizi Games for girls. A small panda is hungry and you will feed him. Follow the step-by-step instructions to help the little bear in Baby Lisi Newborn Panda. This Baby Lisi Newborn Panda game is for little ones who love panda. So cute!

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