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Run Robo Run Run Robo Run

Run Robo Run game is a flexible game where Robo needs to complete his challenging path. This fun Run Robo Run game at KIZI 4 is played by run adventure lovers. How many levels can you complete this exciting Run Robo Run game? Please save the highest score you have. Start your journey right here.

Monster Frontier Monster Frontier

The different monster battles in Monster Frontier at Kizi kids will bring you many challenges. An unending battle on your planet in Monster Frontier will happen. See how the monster will fight at Monster Frontier game today. Follow the instructions, so you have a chance to win and upgrade your weapon. Become the winner!

Devrim Racing Devrim Racing

Drive around the city with the available maps and earn as much money and resources as you can in the game Devrim Racing at Kizi 4 school. This online driving game Devrim Racing has many modes for you to choose and unlock new cars. Drive well and earn more money to keep up the new levels at Devrim Racing. Enjoy this time!

The Battle Of Undermountain Rts The Battle Of Undermountain Rts

The Battle Of Undermountain Rts is a strategy game about gold mining at KIZI 4 GAMES. You have mine gold on the land under the mountain and expand the new area of The Battle Of Undermountain Rts. However, there are dangerous animals at The Battle Of Undermountain Rts. You will fight with them and keep building. Try now!

Power Puff Fight Power Puff Fight

Power Puff Fight brings players into the space of battle against the bats. You will have to shoot the bats along the way and win the battle of Power Puff Fight. This Power Puff Fight game has attracted many gamers at Kizi 4 girls. Start the fight today! You will have more fun of this fight.

Table Shuffleboard Table Shuffleboard

If you love Table Shuffleboard games but do not have the opportunity to play outside, start this online game at Kizi games. Table Shuffleboard game is built like a real game to help players have new experiences and practices the skills of this game. Now you can start Table Shuffleboard game like the adventure.

Crazy Day With Daddy Crazy Day With Daddy

What will you do when you are at home with your dad? Surely you will have special moments and busy day in Crazy Day With Daddy at Kizi 2018. What happens if everything goes as the name implies for Crazy Day With Daddy? Tidy up your home, wash your clothes and help your dad get a great haircut on Crazy Day With Daddy.

Sharkosaur Attack Sharkosaur Attack

You will be riding monsters and destroying everything of the city in this Sharkosaur Attack game online at Kizi1000. Complete the task with high scores in this Sharkosaur Attack, you will have an interesting experience. Join Sharkosaur Attack online and explore the world of monsters.

Escape Game Jail Prison Break Escape Game Jail Prison Break

You are a criminal and you need to find a way out of jail in the game Escape Game Jail Prison Break at KIZI GAMES. There are different objects that will suggest you answer the puzzle in Escape Game Jail Prison Break. When you solve the puzzle, you will be the winner of the Escape Game Jail Prison Break. Try now!


Based on a simple story, robot helps owners find food by moving into flexible RIFT game. KIZI4 select RIFT game for the most demanding gaming enthusiasts. You will play as a smart robot, know how to move to collect all the food along the way and help the owner get a good meal. Play RIFT and explore this smart robot!

You must fight against other boats in game online to protect your sea. Kizi 4 bring this sea battle game to those who love the battle. Survive to the end of the battle with the highest score in game right now. You will have more time to discover all challenges. Enjoy it!

Mommy Birth Care Mommy Birth Care

It is very happy when the mother is pregnant. However, there are things to prepare when the baby is born at Mommy Birth Care game at Kizi 2018. See how you can best do your job in Mommy Birth Care. Take care of the mother and baby as the best doctor at Mommy Birth Care right now.

Cars Thief 2: Tanks Cars Thief 2: Tanks

What do you think of becoming a thief by driving the tank and fighting other vehicles and the police along the way in Cars Thief 2: Tanks? Surely this will be a difficult task for you when joining the game Cars Thief 2: Tanks. Kizi games for kids choose this Cars Thief 2: Tanks game for the adventurous and explore. Play now!

HexSweep .io HexSweep .io

Explore the classic HexSweep .io game with your friends while playing online games at Kizi games for kids. You will have time to explore the hexagons without encountering any obstacles in the HexSweep .io game. If you hit the bombs, the HexSweep .io game will end. Play this game and enjoy the exciting feeling of the game.

Dunk Shot Online Dunk Shot Online

Dunk Shot Online game is a basketball game online for all ages at Kizi online games. Sport in this Dunk Shot Online is attractive to players because it’s easy to play. Enjoy all levels and throw differently ball to get the highest score. Try to hit as many balls in the Dunk Shot Online game now! Start your game.

Yatzy Online Yatzy Online

Have you ever played a dice game with your friends at Kizi 2018? Discover Yatzy Online game with new and exciting ways to play. New opportunities are created in the Yatzy Online as a great challenge to the player. Let's start this Yatzy Online dice game! You will have more time to conquer all levels.

Frenzy School Frenzy School

Frenzy School game online begins with the different tasks of the school. You can choose different managers and start the quest for each level in Frenzy School game. The Frenzy School game will end when you complete all quests. Let's start playing today! You will have great time ever.

Sweet Sugar Slide Sweet Sugar Slide

The candy is divided into red and green. You need to arrange them in the right color box at Sweet Sugar Slide. Kizi4school brings you this exciting Sweet Sugar Slide game that will help you develop your persistence and quickness. Play Sweet Sugar Slide with your friends and discover the colorful candy.

Anna Tattoo Studio 2 Anna Tattoo Studio 2

If you love tattoos, help Anna in her shop at Anna Tattoo Studio 2. Kizi 4 girls brings this Anna Tattoo Studio 2 game online for girls who want to have special emblems. Anna will be delighted that her guests are pleased with the opening date of Anna Tattoo Studio 2. Ready for new challenges now!

Pizza Realife Cooking Pizza Realife Cooking

You love the food and want to learn how to cook it. Join the Pizza Realife Cooking game at Kizi girls games to start cooking pizza. Pizza Realife Cooking is popular with many girls. Study hard and become the best chef in Pizza Realife Cooking.

Juice Bottle Fast Jumps Juice Bottle Fast Jumps

Juice Bottle Fast Jumps is one of the fun obstacle avoidance games at Kizi games of 2018. There are fast-moving obstacles that you need to jump up when playing Juice Bottle Fast Jumps. If you cannot overcome the challenge, you will lose and must play this Juice Bottle Fast Jumps game again. Try to complete the task!

Moto X3M 4: Winter Moto X3M 4: Winter

Drive your motorcycle in the game Moto X3M 4: Winter at KIZI GAMES, you have to be as careful as possible. You will discover different ways to control the speed and direction of your motorcycle in the Moto X3M 4: Winter. This game has attracted people who love driving games. Start the journey of Moto X3M 4: Winter today.

Vili .io is another fun-addicting fidget spinner themed multiplayer online IO game. Enter a nickname, choose a skin and start spinning. Move through the screen collecting food to spin faster. For every piece of food you take, you will spin 1 RPM faster, and every 5 seconds you will spin 0,1 RPM slower, so don’t sleep or you’ll slowly stop spinning. Be careful with players with a higher RPM value, if they touch you, you’ll explode. So find slower spinning opponents to kill them and eat their rests. Have fun with Vili IO!Controls: Mouse = move, Left click = speed boost

Princess Driver Quiz Princess Driver Quiz

Have you ever answered all the quiz questions and understood yourself? That's how Princess Driver Quiz brings to our girls. Kizi 4 girls games help you play the Princess Driver Quiz game with interesting questions and help you decorate cars on their way. You are ready to learn Princess Driver Quiz on your option.

Rolling Sky Rolling Sky

There are different routes for you to start the Rolling Sky game online at Kizi 4 free online games. The skyline with countless challenges that you need to overcome at Rolling Sky will be unlocked. You should overcome the obstacles before being crushed in this exciting Rolling Sky game. Discover today!

Mr. Bean Hidden Car Keys Mr. Bean Hidden Car Keys

Mr. Bean needs to find the car keys in the game Mr. Bean Hidden Car Keys at Kizi games for kids. There are a lot of keys hidden in the picture and will appear when you start playing Mr. Bean Hidden Car Keys. Explore the keys and help Mr. Bean at the start of Mr. Bean Hidden Car Keys game. There are many levels for you.

Barbie's New Car Barbie's New Car

Barbie's New Car game online at is a driving game where players need to move around obstacles, collect money and help Barbie buy a new car. Barbie's New Car game is an exciting challenge for the girls. Unlock more beautiful cars in Barbie's New Car game today. Do you like to help her?

Bullet Fury 2 Bullet Fury 2

Join the world of Bullet Fury 2 at Kizi games 2018, you will shoot guns to kill enemies in their military base. This Bullet Fury 2 game online is very exciting in the moments of excitement. Start paying Bullet Fury 2 with challenging levels today. Enjoy this chance!

Whack My Ipad Whack My Ipad

Just a joke! You can destroy the Ipad with different tools in Whack My Ipad game online at Kizi games. The Whack My Ipad brings you a relaxing moment for all players. Look for your special tools and start playing this fun Whack My Ipad game. You will enjoy this challenge of destroying the Ipad. Hurry!

Puzzles And Matching - Educational Games Puzzles And Matching - Educational Games

One of the educational games you are looking for and cannot miss at Kizi games of 2018 is Puzzle And Matching - Educational Games. With Puzzle And Matching - Educational Games, you have the opportunity to develop kids with the world of animal, different shape, and funny picture. Discover Puzzle And Matching - Educational Games.

M-acceleration M-acceleration

Find the game M-Acceleration racing at Kizi 4 games and enjoy the fun of this game. You will join M-Acceleration's unique gaming world with trendy cars. Select the car you like at M-Acceleration and start the race. You will have the opportunity to race with racers all over the world. Hurry and enjoy it!

Drag Race 3d Drag Race 3d

Welcome! Become the ultimate drag race champion at Drag Race 3d game online now. Kizi games of 2018 choose this Drag Race 3d racing car game for you to play. Follow the constructions with more tips and start your own race of Drag Race 3d. Enjoy your adventure of the challenges. Let's race!

Colony Defenders 2 Colony Defenders 2

Aliens are invading your planet and you need to defend the mining base at the Colony Defenders 2 game at Kizi games. Play Colony Defenders 2 game online with the survival battle you need to win. Are you ready for any challenge at Colony Defenders 2? Try to defeat the target as soon as possible.

Spongebob Going To Work Spongebob Going To Work

Spongebob Going To Work game as the name implies, the player needs to help Spongebob get to work without any obstacle. Kizi games for kids choose this Spongebob Going To Work for kids. And you will guide the kids to play Spongebob Going To Work with the simplest moves. Get ready for more challenges at the next level.

Zombie Show Zombie Show

Are you afraid of zombies when you have to alone fight them? Drive your car in the Zombie Show game and win the scary creatures. Kizi4school brings you Zombie Show and game guides to complete your quest. This Zombie Show game is highly appreciated on our website. Try it!

Baby Hazel In Kitchen Baby Hazel In Kitchen

Hazel's mother needs her daughter's help when cooking food at Baby Hazel In Kitchen game online. Kizi 4 give you this fun Baby Hazel In Kitchen game to start cooking delicious food. You are ready for a meal at the Baby Hazel In Kitchen. Ready to have a good meal right now!

Fidget Spinner Bros Fidget Spinner Bros

There are plenty of spinner games to choose from in Fidget Spinner Bros game at Kizi 4 school. After choosing the spinner, you will play against other players or with your friends by shooting spinner. The more spin, the winner will be in the Fidget Spinner Bros. Play this Fidget Spinner Bros and unlock your spinner!

Flippy Knife Online Flippy Knife Online

Can you throw the knife up and make the knife down on the wooden board without falling down? That's how to play Flippy Knife Online at Kizi games. With the various throws and speeds of the Flippy Knife Online, you can improve your score at every level. Use that score to upgrade your knife at Flippy Knife Online. Try now!

Chase Racing Cars Chase Racing Cars

Road racing is an obstacle you must avoid during your race at Chase Racing Cars. brings this exciting Chase Racing Cars game to the player with a challenge on the track and you can collect as many coins as possible. Your score at Chase Racing Cars will be compared to top friends. What’s your position now?

Striketactics-net Striketactics-net

The online battles never end at game online. Now you have the opportunity to explore this game at Kizi games for kids with friends all over the world. Many battles are available for you at now. Why don’t you discover this adventure of the challenges?

Hair Do Design Hair Do Design

Hair Do Design is another fun hairdressing game on the KIZI 4. In the Hair Do Design, players will be able to own a hairstyling salon with jobs like hairdressing, hair design for their clients. Through this Hair Do Design game, you can learn more about the work of a hairdresser. Join Hair Do Design salon today!

Police Cars Parking Police Cars Parking

Police cars parked at the right spot in Police Cars Parking game at KIZI 2018. Your task is to help them park the right positions without colliding with other cars in Police Cars Parking. Find the right parking and play this fun Police Cars Parking game online! You will be rewarded for completing the task. Enjoy it!

Daddy Spa Time Daddy Spa Time

It’s time to love your dad and make him happy with the new look. Daddy Spa Time game takes you to the world of fathers. At Daddy Spa Time, you have to help dads learn to love themselves. Help Daddy look good and date back to his wife in the Daddy Spa Time game online at Kizi games 2018 today. Are you ready?

Airplane Parking Academy 3d Airplane Parking Academy 3d

You are a pilot and your mission is to park the plane correctly in their place. At the Airplane Parking Academy 3d online game in KIZI GAMES, you will participate in landing the plane. Explore the Airplane Parking Academy 3d if you love the runway and the airplanes. Choose your Airplane Parking Academy 3d game today!

Zombie Killing Spree Zombie Killing Spree

In a zombie land, the player must use a gun to shoot them dead and move tactfully so as not to touch them. Play Zombie Killing Spree at brings the unexpected challenges for the player. Zombie Killing Spree game has different levels to unlock. Get ready for new Zombie Killing Spree weapons to battle today!

Speed Racer Speed Racer

There are a lot of cars in the race with you in Speed Racer game and you have to speed up, avoid the other cars to finish before the time ends. choose this Speed Racer game for you to explore with racing game lovers. Are you ready for a challenge at this exciting Speed Racer online game? Start your race here!

Buggy Hidden Tires Buggy Hidden Tires

The small wheels appear in the picture and you need to find them when joining the Buggy Hidden Tires game at Each level of Buggy Hidden Tires will have the number of different wheels that you need to complete. Play this Buggy Hidden Tires game online and complete your missions!

Cube Ninja Cube Ninja

Cube Ninja game is one of the most moving games in Kizi 4. Players need to move skillfully through the mountains constantly changing the terrain in the Ninja Cube. You can fall anytime. Complete the task of this Cube Ninja game. The game is suitable for all ages and interests. Take your controls now!

Endless Truck Endless Truck

The truck has to complete the path to obstacles and your task is to help the truck move at the game Endless Truck. selects Endless Truck game online for players who love driving games and new challenges. You are ready for Endless Truck on this journey! Control the car as in real life right now.

Princesses Style Marvel Or Dc Princesses Style Marvel Or Dc

Our couples need to dress up as heroes in Princesses Style Marvel Or Dc game online at You will have gorgeous clothes and match the heroic style in this Princesses Style Marvel Or Dc. Ready to choose the most beautiful clothes in Princesses Style Marvel Or Dc game right now.

Vampirina Math Quiz Vampirina Math Quiz

Do you find the intelligence game with math which you can choose at It's Vampirina Math Quiz. Various calculations Vampirina Math Quiz has a variety of levels from easy to difficult to choose. Are you ready for Vampirina Math Quiz game online here to challenge your abilities?

Floors Online Floors Online

You are trapped in a building and need to escape through the floors to find the exit. There are many obstacles and you have to jump through them in Floors Online game online at Kizi games. Explore the challenges of Floors Online game and earn more diamonds. You will win the levels of Floors Online. Start your game!

Baby Sofia Caring Baby Sofia Caring

You love babies and want to learn how to take care of them. What will you do? Baby Sofia Caring at Kizi 4 will help you complete the task in baby care. Keep track of the processes you have to do in this Baby Sofia Caring online game. You will be happy with your love in Baby Sofia Caring. Start playing this game!

Sportscar Grand Prix Sportscar Grand Prix

A perfect and current 3D driving game will suit you when you play Sportscar Grand Prix at This popular Sportscar Grand Prix game is fantastic and voted in the latest racing games. You're ready for your car and the start of the Sportscar Grand Prix game onlie today. Prepare for the exciting race ahead!

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