is a great place to play the best free online Kizi Games, juegos Kizi and jogos Kizi from the top game developers all over the world.

Unicorn Kingdom Unicorn Kingdom

Unicorn Kingdom free online at kizi for school for kids is so lovely and simple. What do you know about mysterious animals in legends? Unicorn Kingdom is so easy to play. You get lost in a magical kingdom and go on adventures to 3 kingdoms to explore frozen landscape, candy house, and fresh forest.Its tasks are to collect diamonds and hearts.  In this game at kizi Games girl, the Kingdom of unicorns is divided into 3 separate kingdoms: Spring kingdom, Frozen kingdom and Candy kingdom. Each kingdom has different views and the unicorn will run on the green field. There are 2 bars which show your gems and hearts, when this two bars are full of color, you collect enough diamonds and hearts. Do you proud! Have fun!  Diamonds lie on the ground. Hearts hover in the air and you get gems by running through them. In adition, you must also run and fly high to earn pink hearts. If you meet obstacles stopping you, you make high jumps to overcome them. If you finish all levels, you can set your foot on the frozen kingdom and you are able to enter the candy kingdom where sweets are everywhere.  We are glad to get your feedback and rating about the game of our. Recommend this game to friends. Try other games such as My Little Pony Adventures in Aquastria on How to play:                                                                               Use Arrow keys and Space bar to play this game.

Tap Touch Run Tap Touch Run

Tap Touch Run cracks you up when you jump over spike boards. This game is a game for kids. It is very easy to play, however, it’s hard to win. A dog wants to have an endless trip. Help a dog to arrive at the final destination. Your task in the game at kizi for 2 players is to run fast, jump at the right moments, move to the right or left and you struggle with threats and survive.  The dog runs on a white road. The road is bendy and very long. The dog begins its trip soon and it will run ahead, but many obstacles prevent it. How can it get across obstructions? You will control it to go as far as possible. On the way, there are many green diamonds and you collect them to get points and win levels.  In the game at kizi Games 2018, there are all 18 levels in the game. The interesting part of this game is the ground can change its colors among green, blue, yellow, pink, and violet. Besids, the dog is just allowed to move on the white road. If the dog touches the ground, you lose the game. The only entangles are spike boards. If you bump into sharp sticks, you will die. Introduce this game to friends. Evaluate it and send us opinions about it. Discover games such as Tripolygon at Instruction:Use your mouse to click or tap the screen.

Tripolygon Tripolygon

You are attracted to Tripolygon of Kizi games kids that you control a rectangle which is made from 3 parts with 3 different colors. You make a rectangle spin and match bars with the same – colored parts. Experience glowing memories and radiant moments. Play with colors and practice quick-reaction ability.  In this game at kizi games unblocked, many colorful bars drop from above. Your mission is to rotate the rectangle in such way that the color of the bar and rectangle are the same. Eg, when have a red bar falls down, you have to make the red part touches the bar. Similar, the blue bar meets the blue part or the yellow part meets yellow bars. Notice: Rotate the rectangle quickly. Keep an eye on them and move the rectangle fast.  Rate this game with 5 stars. Recommend it to friends and siblings. Let’s me see your feedback and don’t hesitate to search new games Super Speed Runner at How to play:Click or touch the screen.

1 Line 1 Line

1 Line is an engaging puzzle game. Welcome you to the land of dots and lines. In this game, you take an exam to find out the level of power of reasoning and strike against tough questions. Draw shapes and images just with 1 Line game of kizi 4 com make players have a spring in their step. Wrack your brain. Challenge the brilliance. The game has a lot of packages such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. For example, in the Aries package, you have to get 50 stars. You are supplied dots and blurred lines. Each star is equal to one level. You win all levels to get 50 stars and the last target is getting enough 300 stars. Use just one drawing stroke to connect all dots. When you draw a line by connecting two dots, the line is colored. Notice: You must not draw one line twice. Especially, here at kizi 10 girl games, each level has a separate color. Try to solve problems by yourself and don’t use up hints! You don’t suffer the time pressure. Think many times and draw. If you can’t move anymore, you can replay to start again.  If you have a soft spot for this puzzle game, rate it highly. Recommend it to companions. Take a look at Join Connect Lines  How to play:Use the arrow keys to move the ball.

Superheroes vs Footballers Superheroes vs Footballers

Superheroes vs Footballers is an interesting fighting game at kizi com Games play. In this game, you control a Superhero or a Footballer to fight. Your goals is to knock down your opponent and win all the battles. The game offers you tons of fun and multiple levels to accomplishment. Find a way to get a high enough score and win. Step into the arena today. Prove that footballers can fight! Have fun and good luck! You can choose Messi, Pele, Maradona ... or Batman, Iron-man, Goku, and so forth to fight. Each battle has 2 roundsac. Each round lasting 99 seconds. You have an HP bar. When you are attacked, your HP will decrease and when your HP drops to 0, you lose. The interesting part of this game is that you have many skills to fight like punch, kick, combo, super combo, et cetera. In addition, you can also use ultimate skills as if fireball, dragon punch, super fireball, super dragon punch. If you like this game, you can also play other games with the same game play tantalise Kogama: Human vs Roblox at  Features✔ Amazing fighting game between famous superheroes, like Iron Man and footballers, like Sergio Ramos✔ Use your own fighting techniques by using various combos✔ Plenty of map options that you can play✔ Commentator's voice✔ Many game modes: Arcade Mode, Versus Mode and Training Mode, including a match between computers ControlsUse the WASD to moveT/Y/U key to punchG/H/J key to kickHold Space to use special move

Sacred Treasure Sacred Treasure

Sacred Treasure is an action role playing game at kizi unblocked online games. Enter the fantasy world of Meadowshire. Combines turn-based strategy with real time combat in a seamless action. Earn power, substance and glory. Join a guild and travel across the land to slay evil!  In the game at free kizi games, start your journey as a mercenary new, traverse an enormous game world where you’ll meet friends and foes alike. Uncover the darkness the envelopes the land. You will be equipped with the best possible gear to face your enemies. Be sure to complete many task the games throws at your feet.  Improve your skills, unlock new ones, equip legendary gears and fight your foes with style! In this cool role playing strategy game, your mission is to slay giant beasts and hunt down the witch. You’ll get some money for each dead enemy. Have fun and good luck! Many interesting games are waiting for you from, such as Freefall Tournament Beta 1.0. If this shooting game impresses you, comments, rate and share it with your friends to play together.  ControlsUse the mouse to navigateLeft click to interact{1-4} to skill Hot KeyUse the Arrows to move camera

Squarus Squarus

Squarus is a fantastic and challenging puzzle game at kizi unblocked online games. Involving geometric shapes and squares, your goals is to guide your white square through a series of mazes and puzzles and read the end teleportation square. Each level presents different challenges. You have to work hard to unravel the puzzle and each the end point. On some levels at kizi 10 games, you must move other blocks out of the way and on others. Without challenges and difficulties, your life will becomes mundane and meaningless. Don't forget, you have to avoid red laser beams. Besides, you can use the blocks to deflect the laser beam fire to destroy objects. The gameplay is unique and interesting. If you feel excited about this game, please comment, rate it highly and share it with your friends and compete them. We also treat you with a large number of wonderful games such as Unlock Blox from Features☆ Challenging puzzles in each level☆ Destroyable and moveable objects☆ Simple but cool graphics ControlsUse the WASD keys to move the squareR key to restart levelHold Space-bar to go to the next level 

Frozen Sisters in Cinema Frozen Sisters in Cinema

Elsa and Anna want to spend some quality time together. They decided to go to the cinema and watch the new Frozen movie. Join Frozen Sisters in Cinema game at kizicom online and help them get ready!  Have a good time! Start with Elsa and apply a pretty make-up. Use foundation, define her eyebrows. Apply a bold eye shadow, mascara, contact lenses, a delicate blush and a lovely lipstick. Then at kizi kids games, style her blonde hair in a cute and practical way and dress her up in a very chic outfit. You can choose a blue ruffled dress, or a pink t-shirt with a black and white striped skirt or a white shirt with cat prints and a purple dress with suspenders. Match her look with feminine jewelry, a scarf in her hair and some movie treats. Move on to Anna. Follow the same steps. You will find new fashionable items for her! Have fun playing Frozen Sisters In Cinema! What do you think about this Dress-up game? Talk about it to your buddies. Play together and beam with pride. Rate it highly and make comments on the game. Enjoy ... at Much time! Controls: Use the mouse to interact.

Supergun Supergun

Supergun is an intense and fast paced arcade game at kizi online 2 player. In the game, you take control a spaceship. Your mission is to guide your ship through space and avoid the red squares. Your ship moves and fires automatically and all you have to do is control the left and right movements. This might sound easy but the gameplay is fast, so you must have great reactions! Once you progress, your ship will move through the maze of squares. You must avoid the red square, but attempt to hit the other colored squares as they provide bonus scores. Moreover at game kizi for school, watch out for the yellow and grey circles, such as they will provide a huge boost to your ships firepower like a quad gun or spaceships that help and target the red squares. See how far you can progress. What high score you can register? Enjoy! Join a series of amusing games such as Planet Champion and Power Puff Fight at If you can’t get enough of this game, recommend it to your siblings and good friends to have fun together. Comment and rate the game!  Features◉ Simple pixel graphics and gameplay◉ Various power-ups and point squares◉ Nice music ControlsUse A/D or the left and right arrow to steer.

Bounce Floor Bounce Floor

Bounce Floor is a fun game at Kizi 4 online. In the game, you are a bouncer working in a crowded electro night club. A thief is inside, he is stealing from your clients! So you must keep everyone safe and try to get rid of the criminals and thugs who are trying to steal and cause problems! You have to talk to the people within the building and try to obtain information about the criminals. Can you find him and kick him out before he robs too many ? During the game at kizi games for boy, if the thief steals more than 5 items, you shall failed! Attempt to work as quickly as possible, by using all of your investigative skills as a bouncer! Can you catch the thief and bring them to justice? Notice: The thief will always run from you and move all around the night club. Be sure to check every corner. Victims will start yelling, if you interact with them, they will provide you with physical clues about the thief such as skin color, hairstyle, top or accessory. In addition, if a client has just been robbed, the thief may still be nearby. We are pleased to receive your comments. If you think well of the game, rate the game highly. Give an introduction to your close friends. Explore new games like Douchebag Workout 2 at Features◉ A fun arcade game set in a club◉ Customers with various appearances◉ The thief character is randomly generated each time you start a new game◉ Interesting gameplay◉ Cool music◉ Smooth and clean graphics ControlsUse WASD or Arrow keys to movePress Space to interact/ kick outPress Esc to pause

Connect Lines Connect Lines

Connect Lines is a fun and relaxing puzzle game at kizi Games school. Similar to the awesome Pipe Dream and Pipe Mania titles, you must rotate the pipes on each level and try to create a connected flow to allow objects to pass through the pipes. By using your logic and puzzle solving skills to rotate the correct pipes in the correct direction. Starts out fairly simple. With 40 levels and it’ll start to get hard over level 10. The initial levels are easy and during the game at online kizi Games, you only have to rotate a few pipes. Once you progress, the number of pipes increases, so does the difficulty. When everything is connected with no loose ends, the level is complete. How many can you solve? Are you ready to explore more Puzzle games on such as Factory Balls. Share the game you like with your friend to challenge them. Evaluate the game to show your affection.  Features◉ A fun connecting game◉ Different line's directions to rotate◉ Many levels to solve◉ Nice music to accompany you throughout the game ControlsThe left mouse button to rotate a line.

Impossible Snake Impossible Snake

Impossible Snake is a fun but frustrating puzzle game at kizi kids games. The classic snake game is back, with a challenging, endless mechanic. The snake keeps growing and on each level, you must collect fruit in order to slow down its growth! It sounds easy, but this snake does not move in an ordinary straight line. This snake moves in circles, therefore you must think really hard about your movements and how you want to get the snake to move where you want! Enjoy! In the each level at free online kizi Games, collect all of the apples in the quickest time possible. Simply click on the level to change the direction the your snake moves. Beside, you must also account for the curve of the circle the snake makes. Attempt to anticipate his movement in order to avoid crashing! Can you complete every level? We prepare you a large number of exciting games at like Neon Ball and remember to share your favorite game. Rate it highly. Beside, we are glad to see your suggestions about the game.  Features◉ One touch controls◉ Hard-to-master navigation◉ 12 levels◉ Play against your friend in a versus mode ControlsThe left click to change the snake's direction.

Dog Simulator: Puppy Craft Dog Simulator: Puppy Craft

Cute puppies ... Cute puppies! Dog Simulator: Puppy Craft  is an arcade game at kizi 2018 com. Do you have a pet as well? If not, don't be sad! We have few of them here and they are all looking really great! They are everywhere and they want to play with you and cuddle! Your puppy is immensely cute, especially he is extremely naughty and wants to cause trouble! So, you have to help him complete various tasks, but disobey his owners! Have a great time! In the game at kizi Games for kids online, there are 7 diffent houses with gardens to play and explore, and you can pick from several different breed of puppies. Also, you have 6 different quests that you need to pass to complete the level. They want to play with you and cuddle!  Therefore, what can you do with your new friends? Scratch carpets, catch mice, destroying household objects, or mess food, or scratch the chair. In addition, you can also do so much fun activities in the house ... Move swiftly around the house to complete all the crazy tasks you get. You will not believe, until you try it! Have fun. For each task you complete, you earn coins. You can use these coins to purchase new, cuter puppies. Cause some mayhem today and jump into Puppy Craft! Are you ready to play many marvelous games such as Factory Balls and Tora Boy Adventure at http:/ If you like the game, share it with your best friends. We are pleased to receive your comments. Here we go! Features◉ Stunning, real, beautiful HD 3D graphics◉ Many maps to be played◉ Many cute puppies◉ Several tasks to be completed in each map ControlsUse WASD or Arrows to movePress Spacebar to jump

Factory Balls Factory Balls

Factory Balls is an interesting cool math game at kizi 10 school games. Your objective is  to change the shape and color of a white ball and match a picture pasted on the side of the open box. By using the ball with a set of different tools provided. It has 14 levels, most of which aren’t too difficult. Can you produce the ball on the box? In each level at juegos kizi game, drag and drop a ball over the tools or paint to produce the required ball design, by using tools such as duck tape, a cover and a color spray paint. In some levels, the tools can be hidden, so you will have to guess the results and remember them in order to produce the design. If anything goes wrong, you will move the ball into the bin on the right and start over. You have a limited amount of balls though, if you will be out of balls, the game is over! If you are keen on this game, share the game with your friends to play together. Rate it with five stars to express your emotion to us. We are very honored to receive your comments. Discover more interesting game at such as CiviballsControls: Use the mouse to interact

Civiballs Civiballs

Civiballs is one of the best puzzle games at kizi online Games! During the game, your objective is to solve the puzzles by cutting the chains and use cannons to get all of the colored balls into the correct vases. If you get stuck, you can try another civilization! Have a good time!In this game at kizi the game, you play the role of a young scientist who travels back in time to rescue ancient artifacts from three historic civilizations. Complete 30 missions in 3 ancient lands: Greece, Egypt or China. Put the balls in motion. By swiping at the chain suspending the ball to cut it. This game will test your skills of timing, creativity and logic to get the balls in the correct container. The faster you solve the puzzle the more points you earn. You can be replayed to improve your score and collect all the gems. Challenging your skills at strategy, logic and to a degree, your imagination. Good luck!After playing, remember to share your favorite game. Rate it highly. We prepare you a large number of exciting games at http// like LemonadeControls: Click chains to cut them with your sword.

Good Daddy Good Daddy

Good Daddy is a cool math game online at kizi comizi. Be a good dad and your mission is to help your son safely get to school. You will have to create a path by removing obstacles of different kinds to reach the door to unlock new areas. Change the shape of the character in order to help the little one avoid the obstacles and get to the exit safe. In each level at kizi 2 math games, you can collect stars on your way. If up to three stars, you can be collected and some of them disappear after a while! Use the left/ right arrow keys or A/ D keys to move the daddy. Press Spacebar to make the son stop and start and pressing 1,2,3 numeric keys to change shapes of the good daddy. Notice: He can be switched from being a square to being a circle or a triangle.  In this game, there are 32 very fun and challenging levels to play. The circle is actually a ball (that) can fly in the air - These shapes will help you to get rid of the obstacles. There are objects can be moved or pushed away. Make sure the son avoids any sharp objects, if no they will kill him! Can you complete all levels and help your son reach the school in Good Daddy? We are very honored to receive your feedback. Then, share with your friends to have fun together. Don’t ignore many similar games like Crazy Day With Daddy and FireBoy and WaterGirl 3 in Much time!

Get off My Lawn Get off My Lawn

Get off My Lawn is a fun tower defense game with a twist. During this title, you are the owner of a beautiful home and immaculate lawn, your lawn has come under attack however by a horde of deadly moles! You must do whatever you can to protect your beautiful lawn from hordes of funny creatures coming from all sides to damage it and keep your lawn looking trim and beautiful. Enjoy! In the game at kizi coim, you have to work through each level. Use your lawnmower to eliminate the moles and keep your grass tidy. When you progress, you earn cash for the moles you destroy and you can also use this cash to upgrade your defenses. Do whatever you can to save your lawn and fight these pesky critters today! Are you ready to play many marvelous games like Plants Evolution and Grow Island at We are glad to see your comments. Rate the game and share it with your friends to invite them to play with you. Have a great time! Features◉ Fun and bloody lawn-defending game◉ Many enemies with a different ability◉ Upgradeable lawnmower and buyable stuff◉ Time-attack mode to play an endless game ControlsUse your mouse to control the movementThe left click to do a special attackPress Spacebar or P key to pause

Stack Three FRVR Stack Three FRVR

Stack Three FRVR Game at kizi free online is another superb puzzle game from the up and coming FRVR series. This is a fantastic match-three game and going to be a different experience from the bubble shooter games that you have gotten used to in the past. Try to destroy all the blocks on the playing field. Have a great time! In the game at Kizi fun game, you are going to see colored block faces at the bottom and moving along. You will use the mouse to pick them up and put them in one of the lanes. Your goals is to place them so that you form rows of three identical ones, which are then eliminated, and you get points in return. This might sound easy, stack as many as you can, until you have a really high score. Therefore, you have to think quickly and move the blocks with speed otherwise the playing field will soon become overcrowded. Well, good luck to you then! Once you progress through each level, you will collect golden coins and use these coins to unlock new models and aim for a high score! What high score can you register? Can you complete every level? We are really grateful for receiving your feedback. Share the game with close friends to have fun together. Find other awesome games like Jelly Madness 2 and Frozen Candy at If you are addicted to our games, please rate them highly.  Features◉ A fun Match 3 game with fast-paced gameplay◉ Constantly increasing level with more challenge◉ Buyable blocks' theme ControlsClick on a block and drag upside to place it.

My Spring Nails Design My Spring Nails Design

My Spring Nails Design is a gorgeous and exciting game at Kizi fun game. This is a dress-up game featuring 3 Disney princesses: Elsa, Ariel, and Moana. Spring has arrived! It is time to treat yourself to some fantastic new nails! In the game, you are a fashion specialist and you have a plethora of colors and tools at your disposal with which you can create some stunning designs. Test out your nail painting skills.  In the game at kizi com10, choose from loads of different colors and you can also pick some pretty patterns and fab decorations. Let your imagination run wild, pick matching accessories such as bracelets and rings. Bring out your nail painting genius today! We hope that you can share and rate our splendid games. All your opinions are heartily welcomed. Seek Anna Tattoo Studio 2 and Princess Mermaid Beauty Salon at Much time! Features◉ Plenty of colors and design to apply on the nails◉ Different outfits and hairstyles◉ Pose with your chosen outfits and nail designs with a beautiful Spring background ControlsMove left mouse button to choose a design.

My Little Pony Adventures in Aquastria My Little Pony Adventures in Aquastria

My Little Pony Adventures in Aquastria is a fun dress up game at kizi girl games for free. Our favorite little ponies are on their way to a new adventure to Aquastria. Before they can travel however they must dress up and look stylish! The merponies look are adorable! In this game, you will meet again 6 main characters of my little pony: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Apple Jack and Rarity. Have a nice time! During the game at kizicom online, you can customize the appearance of each character separately. Choose their outfit, accessories and body part color. Each pony has 7 different customizable parts. Each of these parts has several different choices. Really use your own magic to transform each of your favorite characters in one of the inhabitants of Aquastria. If you dress up all of them, you can unlock the next one and also unlock some cool new accessories. When you are done, unlock the secret character and you can change the look of any pony you wish.  Play right now and share unforgettable moments. I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game. Have fun playing the game called Barbie The Pearl Princess Dress Up and Moana Coloring Book at Much time! Features◉ Many characters to be dressed up◉ Nice music◉ Free to unleash your creativity with plentiful of appearance optionsControlsThe left click to play.

Moana Coloring Book Moana Coloring Book

Moana Coloring Book is a wonderful princess coloring page game for kids on kizi 4 In this online coloring book game, play with Moana and color lots of pictures with the tribe princess. Practice your creativity with Moana. Complete an entire coloring book! Discover fun drawings with the princess and her friends. Moana lives on a tropical island. She is a big adventurer. Want to change the colors? During this princess game at kizi 1000 girl games, pick out your favorite colors, create brand new colorful characters and turn the coloring book into a master piece - Just make full use of your fancy imagination. Color the coloring pages of princess, princes, fairy and pretty girls. We are sure that using special colors, your pictures will be amazing. You can see more interesting and more fun games that you can play with all your friends. Enjoy! Give us a like, if you had fun in this coloring game. Tell us in a comment which is your favorite image from the game. Jump into Barbie Fashionista Fairy and BFFs Glossy Makeup at Much time! Features:◉ Share with your friends;◉ Save to SD card page◉ Gradient coloring book ◉ Magic princess coloring page ◉ Zoom in/out with the pinch gesture Controls: Play this Moana Coloring Book game with your mouse

Laser Bricks Laser Bricks

Laser Bricks is an exciting and fun arcade game at kizi 5 online. In the game, you take control a small airplane and your goal is to shoot bricks with your aircraft and stay alive as long as possible in each level. Your plane fires automatically. So, you must simply control its left and right movements and break through or dodge the blocks in front of your plane. Enjoy! The most popular arcade game ever - Absolutely easy and fun to play! During the game at online kizi 4 net, swipe your finger to launch laser chain and destroy bricks. Attempt to destroy as many bricks as you can before they move down the bottom. For laser, choose the color that you like, collect all the items to get reward such as additional lasers, coins, bomb and black hole. How long can you persist in the laser breaker? Colorful and beautiful UI. Pleasant sound effects will give you a wonderful game experience. Laser breaker - The best choice of relax brain and kill time. Come to hit the blocks and reach high score. Look out for the various power-ups too. Because these can improve your rate of fire greatly. There is a triple fire power-up for example that allows you to shoot 3X bullets, or a laser power-up that gives you a continuous firing laser.  Take risks and accept challenges. Talk about this game to buddies. Assess it with 5 stars. We are waiting for reviews. Enter melees of Toops and Save Rocket. Visit How To Play?On PC: ✔ Use AD or left/right arrow to steer.On Mobile:✔ Swipe your finger to launch laser chain and break bricks.✔ Try your best to destroy as many bricks as possible before they touch the bottom. ✔ If bricks reach to the bottom, the game is over!✔ The level of bricks will be increased after each round you launch the laser chain

Arachnophilia Arachnophilia

Arachnophilia game at kizi info games is a fun spider simulation game. You will enjoy this simulation game, if you love our small 8 legged critters! In this title, you are a spider and you're really hungry. Use your sticky web to catch the flying insects that are all around and then once there trapped get to them and stay alive and well-fed for as long as possible. How long can you survive for? Your life force decreases continually, so in the game at free online games kizi, you have to keep eating fresh food to replenish it. Spin webs to capture flies and juicy insects – make sure that your webs are strong enough otherwise the insects and bugs will simply break them and escape. Have fun with out Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice Age and Monkey Go Happy 3Features✔ Control a spider and you needs to stay alive by eating preys that are trapped on your webs✔ Free to design your own web✔ Many preys with different strength✔ Art mode to try different web strategyControlsClick left to move the spiderDrag left mouse button to spin the web is a fantastic fighting game at juego kizi 3. You play for ninja, show off your ninja skills against other players from around the world in this intense multiplayer battle royale and your main goals is to get the maximum points. Try to become the best ninja in history of .IO games.  In the game at free online games kizi, move around the playing area and level up your ninja character, by eating the sushi that can be found on the ground - This sushi will increase your power, speed and health. You can upgrade your character further, when you level up - You'll receive upgrade points whack you can use to upgrade either Health, Energy or Speed When you move around the map, you can throw ninja stars to try and destroy your opponents. The higher level you reach, the better and more deadly weapons you can equip. Can you prove your skill as a ninja? Check out Fly or Die io at Much time! ☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆ Ninja-themed game☆ You can change the character's skin☆ Different weapon options to use☆ Upgradeable character☆ AI enemies are available☆ Stamina system ControlsUse WASD or Arrows to moveThe left click to attackThe right click to dahsPress Space bar to jump

BFFs Glossy Makeup BFFs Glossy Makeup

Do you want to become a stylist? This is your chance! These 2 best friends want to experiment with the latest makeup trends. In the BFFs Glossy Makeup game at kizi girl games for free, picking glittery eyeshadows, volume mascara, lipstick shares and rosy blush, or even use contact lens to match with their makeup.

Hunter and Props Hunter and Props

Hunter and Props is a cool first person shooter game at 2 player games kizi. Take part in a battle of hide and seek with deadly consequences! You must take it in turns to be the hunter or the props. If you are a prop, you have to find a suitable hiding place. Transform into a prop in the room such as a chair or a table and any object you can find.

Barbie Fashionista Fairy Barbie Fashionista Fairy

Barbie Fashionista Fairy of kizi girl games makeover - This lovely fashionista wants to attend a fairy party. Join fashion as a true fashionist and help to look like a real fairy! She likes to try new fashion styles and today, just wait to see what you are going to choose. You will start with a brand new makeup look, apply colorful makeup - Choose the perfect colors to make her face look beautiful. We have eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, blush, and even contact lenses to you can choose! You can try a new hairstyle too. Create the perfect fairy look for this pretty girl. After you are done, it's time to choose the perfect clothes for her. There are a lot of cute collections that you can choose from - Combine clothes to fit her look. And don't forget the accessories and shoes to make her look even more stunning. Can you finally help her have the perfect fairy look?  Write opinions about this girl game. Assess it with 5 stars. Introduce it to friends. Dress up for princesses in Elsa Online Dating and Barbie Beauty Bath at Have a good time! Controls: Use left click to select items.

Elsa Online Dating Elsa Online Dating

Oops! Elsa and Jack Frost broke up at the beginning of the year. Now it is about the right time for our beautiful blondie princess to start dating again. But this time, she’s eager to try out something different - that’s online dating. Ecuouraged by her friends, she created her Tinder account. Now she needs your precious helping hand to find her very first online date. Join Elsa Online Dating game at kizi4game and help Disney Princess Elsa in her quest for love!

Meme Switch Meme Switch

MLG Color Switch also known as Meme Switch is an MLG inspired version of Color Switch of kizi 3 juegos! Play as either a Dorito, doge, Mountain Dew, or Captain America. You must bounce your meme as high as you can and up through the obstacles of the same colour. Meme Switch is a funny version of color switch with that include funny music and memes. Like a true hardscoping, tap with face and collect wid, sample text legend. Otherwise, a sniper will shoot you down and you’ll be rejected! Collect herbs to increase your score.Touch the Illuminati sign to change your color. Since your progress, the challenge becomes harder. All your friends will be like: damn son. Where'd you find this? Are you ready to play many marvelous games like … and ... at We are glad to see your comments. Rate and share it with your friends to invite them to play with you. Much time! Features:Non-black&white graphicsHardcore memesWidSample text Controls: Click on the screen to bounce the snack up

Doctor Teeth Doctor Teeth

Doctor Teeth is a fun and educational game at juegos kizi 2. Toothache - It's the nightmare of every kid, man and woman, but this time you are on the painless side of it. Make a dental surgeon and treat a variety of patients - You will have to treat many different ailments like broken teeth and fillings.  As you see each patient you must review their case and check what tools you require to complete the operation. This is a kid-friendly dentist simulation game. In the game at free kizi games 2, follow the instructions! Be sure to check the task list regularly to ensure you haven’t missed anything important. try to perform a quick and clean job on each one of them to get up to 3 stars. Try your hand at becoming a dentist today and see if you can fix your patients problems! Brush, dental floss, blow up, sunk, fill up, replace damaged teeth and much more ... Then draw a big smile on all those chubby kids' faces.  Do you feel excited with this game? We are really grateful for receiving your feedback. Share the game with close friends to have fun together. Don’t forget to play more with To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery and Baby Moana At The Dentist at Have a nice time! ★★★ Features ★★★★ Fun dentist game with 3 patients, human, raccoon, and yeti★ Each patient has different teeth problems★ Guide to help you treat the problems★ Tasks list★ Mini-games to play ControlsDrag the left mouse button to use a tool.

Jelly Madness 2 Jelly Madness 2

Are you looking for a fun addictive game? Look no further! Because this game will get you hooked right away! In the game, you will travel through a magical world with colorful jellies that you need to link to each other in order to complete each level! What you have to do is connect at least 3 of the same Jellies horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Using your mouse to make them disappear from the board.

Barbie Beauty Bath Barbie Beauty Bath

Today, you've been invited to get a behind the scenes look at this famous fashionista's beauty routine. Barbie is going to have beauty treatments for her special night! Join Barbie Beauty Bath game and follow the instructions to apply various beauty treatments. Dress up Barbie and let her shine.

Zombocalypse 2 Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2 is the sequel to the cool but bloody shootout action at kizi 5 net. Your task is survive as long as possible. Get tons of weapons and snuff out their lives. You are initially armed with a machete but you can pick up crates which contain new weapons using down arrow key or 'S' key.

Speed Note Reading Tutor Speed Note Reading Tutor

Learn to read sheet music and improve your sight-reading skills with Speed Note Reading Tutor at www kizi games. There're 10 different levels to play. This game will test your note accuracy and speed, also helps with ear training and practicing your liste

Fly or Die io is 'Eat and Evolve' style game at kizi 5 net. There are 3 groups of creatures: insects, little birds and big birds such as falcon. Take control a small fly and you must literally learn to become a fly. Your main goals is to eat, get points, level up and evolve into more developed creature. Survive or die!

Princess Easter Style Princess Easter Style

Easter is an excellent occasion to relax. Enjoy traditional food and introduce unique costumes. Get dressed and go out. Girls gravitate towards Princess Easter Style of Kizi 4 girls games. Princess Easter Style free game is so diverting. 2 Princesses want to have an unforgettable memory on this holiday. Anna has to choose awesome Easter outfits and makeup.

Death Chase Death Chase

Death Chase is a fun-addicting racing game at Kizi 5. Drive your vehicle through the challenging tracks full of obstacles. Collecting lots of coins to upgrade it. Your goals is to race the bumpy road with some pretty big jumps and you try to take out your rivals. These death matches aren’t for the faint of heart!

Jacksmith Jacksmith

Are you a skilled blacksmith? Jacksmith at kizi 4 free is the craftiest donkey in all the land. To satisfy demand of the king's army, follow the instructions to craft awesome weapons. Manage your time and work carefully. Discover secret recipes to make the best gear.

Return Man 2 Return Man 2

Return Man 2 is funny sports game at free online kizi Games. Here, your enemies are zombies, and they will chase you and stop you. As this game has unique 3D graphics, suitable for all ages especially children. With 15 different levels to unlock, each level is a challenge for you and aim is to run to the target line safely.

Make a Car Simulator Make a Car Simulator

Do you like playing Lego? What kind of car do you like?  If you like, Make a Car Simulator at Kizi for kids game is perfect for you. Let your imagination run wild, then make a Car Simulator is a LEGO type build your own vehicle game. Test drive your vehicle and try to make the best All-Terrain vehicle!

Tank Defender Tank Defender

Tank Defender is an awesome shooting game at Kizi2. Control a mighty battle tank and your mission is to shoot, smash and finally to destroy all the unfriendly forces trying to invade your base. This's a modern version of the castle defender games including lots of RPG elements.

Adam and Eve 4 Adam and Eve 4

Adam and Eve 4 is the next instalment of the fun and challenging Adam and Eve puzzle game series at kizi kids Games. Adam is once again on the look out for a new - Eve and the previous Eve's have treated him badly. Your task in this episode is to help lazy Adam on his adventure to get back to his beloved, Eve, by interact with objects, people and animals

Chess challenges Chess challenges

Do you love board games or the game of chess? Chess challenges is a fun and interesting game at Kizi 4 kids. There are many different game modes available, but the main game mode is the challenge mode and in this mode, you must complete a series of challenges like taking different pieces or successfully performing a checkmate,  instead of playing a full chess game.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Join Riley's emotions on a journey to match and sort memory bubbles. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a high-quality bubble shooter game at Kizi games 2018. Let the rain pour with Sadness - blaze a fiery path with Anger - repel matching memories with Disgust and scatter orbs in frantic fun with Fearby create sunbursts with Joy!

Slightly Annoying Traffic Slightly Annoying Traffic

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a traffic cop yet? Is this task difficult or easy? Jump into Slightly Annoying Traffic game at Kizi games for kids and control the means of transport to create a peaceful world. Are you capable of controlling traffic in Slightly Annoying Traffic online game? Good luck!

2248 2248

2248 is a super casual puzzle number connection game at Kizi 2018 games. Slide the number up, down, left, right, diagonal in any of the eight different directions → The next connect number can be the same or can be multiplied by 2 → The result is a multiple of 2 for all connected numbers sum → The score is the sum of all connected numbers and the game ends if there is no connectable number.

Neon Ball Neon Ball

Neon Ball is an awesome and challenging puzzle game at Kizi game for kids. The ball moves as you tilt the platform and you must consider the angle of the platform and the speed of the ball to ensure that you don't move too far and cause the ball to fly away. Your mission is to rotate the neon platforms to move the ball into the neon sphere at the edge of each level

Galaxy Slope Galaxy Slope

Galaxy Slope is another cool version of the hugely popular 3D platform game at Kizi game to play. Similar to the original - Slope, control a 3D ball down a winding course full of twists, turns and sharp corners and you must use your skill and visit all planets.


MAT48 is fun math game for kids ages 4-8 at Kizi games for kids. This is perfect for young children to improve their maths skills. Maths is an important aspect of learning. Why not let your children test their maths skills! Whilst the shape recognition mode is all about different types of shapes (such as squares, circles and triangles), the maths game mode involves different types of sums. is a fantastic multiplayer io game with awesome battle royale gameplay at Kizi unblocked game. Your main goals is to stay alive in this mortal combat. Look for the best and rarest weapons and food. Try to eliminate as many other players as possible. Enter the battle and and survive as the last standing combatant against the hundreds of other players online.

Modern Blocky Paint Modern Blocky Paint

Join Modern Blocky Paint at Kizi 4 online game and fight for the victory of your team. This game is played by gamers from all around the world and become the part of the online community of this multiplayer game too. You fight with epic paintball guns instead of conventional weapons.

Princesses Winter Make Up Princesses Winter Make Up

Princesses Winter Make Up is an online HTML5 game at Kizi unblcoked game. The winter is coming! All little girls want to look like a real princess. They dream to have gorgeous dresses and a fancy makeup. There are so many color. All of them will transform you in a stunning princess.

Pokemon Battle Injury Pokemon Battle Injury

The pokemon is Pikachu - One of the most famous pokemons that are in the series. Pokemon Battle Injury is an interesting game at Kizi 2018 games for kids. It's the best time for all fans of Pokemon, since Pokemon Go have taken the world by storm. This is one of the most recent games and the first doctor game in the category.

Mad Boss Mad Boss

Mad Boss is a cool first person shooter title at Kizi games for school. You are equipped with a gun. You must test out your shooting skills. In the game, you have been tasked by your boss to complete a range of difficult missions and you must first complete a variety of training missions before thay your ultimate aim is to take out the evil terrorists.

Moana's Bridal Salon Moana's Bridal Salon

Moana's Bridal Salon is one of the most beautiful and interesting game from the Princess games category at Kizi 4 girls. Every princess will find a perfect wedding dress in the studio! Hey, Girls! Very simple to play, your goals is to help Princess Anna, Elsa and Rapunzel to get a new look with the wedding outfits at Moana's Bridal Salon. Just follow the instructions in game and make them nicer.

Princess Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017 Princess Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017 is an annual fashion show sponsored by Victoria's. If you love fashion, Princess Victoria Secret Show 2017 is new game for free online at Kizi girls games 2018. Choose some nice dress, really sexy wings and unique accessories. This is a simple dress up game and your goals is to help them one by one.

Miguel Scooter Time Miguel Scooter Time

Miguel Scooter Time is the newest game our team at Kizi 2018 game. Coco has been one of the best received animated movies of 2017 and Miguel is going to be the main character. In the game, your mission is to help Miguel have a beautiful little scooter that he could ride here on our web site.

Anna's Date Makeover Anna's Date Makeover

We invite you to check out this Anna's Date Makeover game right here on Kizi 4 unblcoked games. Uh! Oh! Anna has had a breakout on her face. Anna has a great date with the be in love with of her life - Kristoff. To enjoying a great time together, they will go to a favourite restaurant and eat delicious food. Can you help help the cute princess?

Polar Fireworks Polar Fireworks

Polar Fireworks is an addictive bubble shooter at Kizi 4 school. A group of smart penguins in the cold Antarctic, they play with the polar bear in a puzzle game. Your aim is to help the penguins pop the bubbles and watch a fireworks show and to clear the field and move on to a new level.

Balloons Vs. Zombies 3 Balloons Vs. Zombies 3

Enjoy the third installment of this fun physics-based game at Kizi 4unblocked -  Balloons vs. Zombies 3 arrived! Equips you with a high tech gun. In the third installment, your mission is to get rid of all badass undeads; aim and shoot knifes to stab your targets or use balloons to cause a chain of actions and cause them to fly towards various dangerous objects. Destroy all of the undead monsters to finish each level.

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