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Zombie Derby 2 Zombie Derby 2

Zombie Derby 2: Drive through a lot of obstacles without crashing, or you will be decreased your speed. Collect coins along the way as well.

Zombies Took My Daughter Zombies Took My Daughter

Zombies Took My Daughter is a Shooting game on GaHe.Com. You can play Zombies Took My Daughter in your browser for free. Grab some weapons and go get your daughter back!

Western Blitzkrieg Western Blitzkrieg

Western Blitzkrieg is a Shooting game on GaHe.Com. You can play Western Blitzkrieg in your browser for free. A fast 2d action game where you have to infiltrate deep into the enemy lines, in search for the secret rocket installation. defeat helicopters tan

Treasures of the Mystic Sea Treasures of the Mystic Sea

Treasures of the Mystic Sea: Remove all tiles to win the game. You lose when the time is up. Collect magic stars to charge spells with the same color.

Scooter Girl Dress Up Scooter Girl Dress Up

Scooter Girl Dress Up: Choose the suitable outfits for a scootergirl. Select one of 8 options for hairdos, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, socks, shoes and accessories.

Combat Tournament Combat Tournament

Combat Tournament: Fight until you are unable to do it. Consider to select the suitable level before playing the game.

Dream Car Racing Dream Car Racing

Dream Car Racing: Let’s start the game with assembling the car first. finish the distance fastest and safely. Collect coins along the way.

Ariel and Prince Kissing Ariel and Prince Kissing

Ariel and Prince Kissing: they are falling in love. Help them kiss secretly without getting caught by Sebastian and Flounder or the game will stop right away.

Sift Renegade 3 Sift Renegade 3

Sift Renegade 3: Defiance: let’s see how long you can survive in the very bloody battle. Destroy the traitor who is hiding among the yakuza.

Mommy Princess Go Shopping Mommy Princess Go Shopping

Disney princesses Rapunzel and Belle became mothers, they go to the mall to buy something for themselves and their babies. There are lots of options, which one is fashion and suitable? Can you go shopping with them? Please help them make a decision, try e


Tactical Force 1 is an addictive 3D first person shooter made by Xplored. Your tactic: Neutralize all enemies and find a good spot to snipe. Enjoy Tactical Force 1!

Alien Attack Team 2 Alien Attack Team 2

Join up with a special squad of alien hunters and help them with your shooting skills to save planet Earth. Your mission in Alien Attack Team 2 is to kill as many of the enemies as you can before you die. Move through the giant spaceship and try to defeat


Harry Potter vs Batman. Mr T vs John Rambo. Imagine all that on the rooftop of a building while people are falling down the sky. Yes sir, that's what this is all about! In the funny fighting game Rooftop Snipers you have to win 5 battles to win the match.


You are a formidable sniper and your mission is to eliminate certain individuals. You will get a list of objectives at the beginning of every mission. Aim and shoot with your mouse and buy helping stuff in th store to complete your goals. Have fun with Ta

Cannons And Soldiers Cannons And Soldiers

You are an attacker and your aim in this game is shoot soldiers on your road using your cannons. Cannons And Soldiers is an addicting physics shooting game, once you start playing, it's hard to stop. Shoot down all the soldiers using your cannons, there a

Teach Pig Flying Teach Pig Flying

Teach Pig Flying: let’s control a pig fly as high as he can and help him grab as many coins as possible. Play wisely so that he will fly high without falling down the ground.

Pop a Wheelie Pop a Wheelie

Pop A Wheelie: Become a racer in a multiplayer racing game. Drive as fast as you can without causing any accident. Try to get the No.1 title.

Barbie In A Mermaid Tale Barbie In A Mermaid Tale

Mermaid Barbie had rescued her mother, Queen of Ocean Kingdom, and saved the undersea kingdom. Now, she and her friends are living happily in the kingdom. Today, she is going to a party, please help her dress up. Don't forget her dear friends. Wish them a


Bad Eggs Online goes into the second round and it's up to you to make some scrambled eggs in a thrilling one-on-one battle. So hurry up and grab your weapon to get ready to fight! You can play Bad Eggs Online 2, the brand new episode of the thrilling mult


The greatest game of all time now playable in your web browser! This is the first episode of DOOM, the cool first person shooter by id software. The objective of DOOM is simply to locate the exit room that leads to the next area, while surviving all hazar

Disney Princess Fashion Prom Disney Princess Fashion Prom

Frozen Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel are all preparing for the Disney prom tonight. They want to be the fashion queen of the prom. Let's dress up our princesses and enjoy the prom. Have fun!


Intruder Combat Training is a cool shooting game in which you have to prepare your battle skills whilst fighting against violent invaders. Explore all platforms, try to survive as long as possible and shoot 'em all. Much fun


Face off hordes of enemies in this awesome sequel of Red Crucible first person shooter. Control your soldier through a hardcore firefight and get rid of enemies using a variety of high-tech weapons, powerful vehicles and helicopter-launched strikes. In Re

Spiderman 3 Rescue Mary Jane Spiderman 3 Rescue Mary Jane

Help Spiderman overcome all challenges and rescue a beautiful princess from the evil with Spiderman 3 Rescue Mary Jane now! Have fun at kizi free!

Warfare 1944 Warfare 1944

Show off your talent by shooting down as many enemies as possible and become the best player in the world. Play online Warfare 1944 on friv2017 now! Good luck!

Barbie Agent Team Dress Up Barbie Agent Team Dress Up

Barbie girls join in a secret agent team, their job are to secretly catch dangerous criminals. Right now they are preparing for a new mission and they needs your help to find the perfect outfits. Help them get dressed in one of their special costumes, che


In the action-packed shooting game Sniper Team there are enemies coming from all sides and it's nearly impossible for just a single gunman to keep up. It's your job to command a dreadful bunch of sharpshooters to give the last stand and protect your base


CS Portable is an awesome web-browser-based port of Counter-Strike. Take a weapon and play as terrorist or counter terrorist. Enjoy!

Cyclops Ruins Cyclops Ruins

Cyclops Ruins is an amazing and addicting arcade game. You are a soldier and you need to avoid stone dropped from the sky. These stones are dropped because of a huge bad guy. You can't fight back, the only way you can survive is avoid. So good luck!


Equip yourself with heavy artillery soldier. Blast your way through enemies and make it out of each level alive.


'Shoot Em' is a funny stickman torture game. Your goal is to Shoot'em using over 30 different weapons and explosives. Choose your weapon, torture the stickman and earn as much money as you can. Much fun with Shoot Em!

Fruit Slice Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice is cut off the main content on the screen constantly out of various fruits, requiring players to action faster, the game screen do very delicate, cut different fruits.


This game was inspired by Wilhelm Tell. Grab bow and arrow and try to hit the apple on the head of your friend. Don't hit the buddy of your friend or the Apple Shooter game will end immediately. Each level positions you further away from the target. Click


Gunblood is an addictive western shootout game from WolfGames. Mission of the game is to become the most feared gunslinger by defeating all marksmen in one-on-one gun fights. Place your mouse over the gun chamber, wait 3 seconds, and when the countdown re

Transformer Buble Bee Rescue Mission Transformer Buble Bee Rescue Mission

Transformer Buble Bee Rescue Mission:bumble bee got serious injury during battle with autobots, his leg is broken. Sam tows him with truck and tries to bring.

Road Of Fury 2: Nuclear Blizzard Road Of Fury 2: Nuclear Blizzard

Take your rage out on the other drivers on the road in this winter themed drive and gun game.

Planet Champion Planet Champion

Use a space fighter to defend your homeworld.

Assault Zone Assault Zone

Assault Zone

Madness Death Wish 2 Madness Death Wish 2

Dodge bullets and shoot down wave after wave of attackers.

Indestructo Tank 2 Indestructo Tank 2

Use the indestructable tank as weapon and destroy anything that moves. Move the tank under an attacking enemy and use a rocket jump to fly into the air. Destroy as many enemies as you can before you landing again. Use arrow keys to control the vehicle. Ha

Gibbets: Santa In Trouble Gibbets: Santa In Trouble

Shoot the ropes to save Santa and his helpers from an evil hangman's noose. Be careful not to accidentally hit Santa instead.

Stick Survival Stick Survival

Stick Survival is an action game to play at Kizi games. In this game, you have to fight the other sticks to the death. You need to use your blue plasma weapon

Robo Tanks Robo Tanks

Robo Tanks is a puzzle game to play at Kizigames. Your task in this game is to use your awesome mecha powers to defeat your enemy

Alien Invasion 2 Alien Invasion 2

You are the greatest alien pilot in the galaxy. Your mission is to destroy all human military aircraft to prepare for the grand invasion! The humans have pillaged your homeworld for the last time and now it's payback times

Too Many Tanks Too Many Tanks

Too Many Tanks is a shooting game to play at Kizi games. Your mission is to destroy various enemies in your upgradeable tank!

Bubble Hit Christmas Bubble Hit Christmas

These colorful Christmas bubbles are out of control! Shoot bubbles to create matching clumps of 3 or more. The more bubbles you pop with a single shot, the more points you'll score.

Ultimate Robotoru: Super Alpha Ultimate Robotoru: Super Alpha

Help the brave Robotoru stop the evil Baron who has bad intentions on his mind! Use different Robotoru's skills in order to defeat his enemy! Do not collide with enemy ships! Be careful!

Nutmeg Nutmeg

Nutmeg is a fun hop and bop platform game to play at Kizigames. In this game, you have to control a little duckling through a dreadful territory

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen is a funny game to play at Kizigames. Your job is to throw your pen to stab those cool looking fruits

Smart Slither Smart Slither

Smart Slither is a cool game similar to the Io game to play at Your mission in this game is to move around the screen

Batarang Challenge Batman Batarang Challenge Batman

Throw your Batarang at all of the bad villains while avoiding your friends.

Medieval Rampage Medieval Rampage

Battle your way through 25 waves of non-stop combat to avenge your village. Select from a variety of weapons to kill over 10 unique enemies and the Five Savage Beasts.

Zombies Zuma Zombies Zuma

Zombies are coming to occupy your homeland, try to remove them when three or more same zombies are together!

Monsters Wheels HD Monsters Wheels HD

Play Monsters Wheels HD on In this game you have to drive your huge vehicle through types of challenging tracks destroying cars

Ultimate Strike Down 2 Ultimate Strike Down 2

Shoot the enemies with a pistol or a sniper rifle. Don't let any get away as you move to new levels. Mouse to aim and shoot. 1-3 switch weapon and R to reload.

Hawkeye Adventure Defence Hawkeye Adventure Defence

Play this game and survive the enemies waves holding your position with hawkeye and his arrows.Defeat the waves and unlock new arrows with new powers.

Tap The Frog Tap The Frog

Tap The Frog is a free game to play online at Join the Frog as he embarks on an adventure that will take him to the farthest reaches of space

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