Play Park Me to test and improve your strategy skills while rearranging cars in a parking lot! How good are you at untangling wires? This arena is your biggest chance to show off your puzzle-solving skills! Find the right order to get the cars out of the lot, match them in threes, and clean the table!

Get ready for long brainstorming sessions because this extraordinary puzzle will challenge you further with each level! You must hold on to your patience and keep trying different combinations to see what comes next and improve yourself through the stages. To start, you can click on the play button and begin the first level. You can see the slots above; these spaces are where the cars go after getting out of the lot. See where the cars are facing, and take them out one by one. Avoid crashes and bumps; you must prioritize the safety of the drivers to win. You must match three identical cars above to clean these spots and open space for new vehicles. Choose your next moves carefully, study the table, and pick the car combinations closest to the borders. Slowly work your way to the center, and do not leave any cars behind. Good luck!

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HolaStudio developed Park Me.

Release Date

June 15, 2023


  • Colorful graphics
  • Improving puzzle-solving and strategy skills
  • Challenging and addictive levels
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.