Wipe your enemies off the map with State.io - Conquer the World! Use the numbers to your advantage and conquer every district of each state! Face multiple enemies at the same time and set them against each other to win the race! Let’s get ready for the first battle!

Choose the blue or red nation and start dominating the map! Start from a small area and slowly advance through the whole world! All you must do is wait until a district hits a high enough number and move that number to another district to take it over! Hold the center of your district and slide it through the map toward the area you want to attack. You can watch your soldiers move as your centers keep producing new soldiers. Build tactics and wait for your enemy’s weakest moment to make your move. You can also start by conquering the empty areas around your base to multiply your production speed and grow your numbers faster than the enemies! Make money off your victories and use that money to upgrade your starting number, speed, and passive income. Unlock new features by opening gifts, and customize your army. Move around the realistic copy of the word and conquer all!

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CASUAL AZUR GAMES developed State.io - Conquer the World.

Release Date

October 6, 2022


Simple and minimalistic theme

Improving strategy skills

Upgradable stats

Bonuses and rewards

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.