Hold on tight to your steering wheel because you are about to go as fast as the wind in Traffic Tour! You have a vast variety of chic sports cars to drive on many different roads and modes. Get ready to make the dust fly in this exciting driving game!

In this racing/driving game with great graphics, you will be taken to the middle of a breathtaking race. Before you begin, choose your car, and unlock the features you want to add to your car. You can use the coins you have or watch some rewarded ads to collect more coins to unlock new features like better power, turbo speed, stronger brakes, etc. You can also observe the car you created in 360 degrees view thanks to the fun 3D graphics. Later, you should choose whether you want to try out free driving or race against other cars and choose the game mode accordingly. Be calm and try to check out every mode possible if you have what it takes to be an adequate driver.

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Wolves Interactive developed Traffic Tour.

Release Date

September 19, 2022


• Realistic 3D graphics

• Many different car models and modification options

• Four different game modes

• Bonus rewards available

• Daily event to try winning different prizes


You can use your WASD to rotate the car.