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Welcome to Duck Life, a great series of racing games featuring cute little ducks! In each game, you have to train your duck to win a series of races, ending in one final showdown. You can train your ducks by playing various mini-games. Aside from experience points (XP), you can also earn coins during each mini-game. In the later installments in the Duck Life series you can use these coins to buy items such as seed pellets, haircuts, eggs, hats, and more!

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The first Duck Life game was released in 2007. In this episode, you have to win a race to rebuild your farm. A tornado has wrecked the farm and all you have left is one duckling. Through a series of mini-games, you could train your duck to become the fastest at running, flying, and swimming. Subsequent Duck Life titles expanded on training elements and environments. The 2008 release Duck Life 2 introduced a new training and racing element: climbing. Duck Life 3: Evolution, released in 2011, features a cast of genetically modified super-ducks. Duck Life 4, which came out in 2012, includes, eggs to hatch, new ducks to collect for your team, and six Worlds with multiple racing matches.

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Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is the fifth game in the series. In this endless runner game, the volcano from Duck Life 4 has become inactive. Set out with your duck to explore the volcano’s dangerous caves and find the treasure rumored to be hidden at its core. Collect coins and buy all kinds of upgrades at the various shops. Once again, you’ll have to train and upgrade your duck to reach the hidden treasure.

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