Baby games – Learn the basics of baby-sitting in these free online games

The mommies and daddies in these cute baby games have recently discovered that raising a child is hard work! These desperate parents could use some help from a great baby-sitter like you. Do you love babies and do you think you could offer some excellent baby-sitting services? Even if you’ve never looked after a baby before, you can find out what it takes in these fun baby games for boys and girls.

Babies are cute… but mind those smelly diapers!

Babies are so adorable, with their big eyes and their chubby little arms and legs. But as every fresh parent will soon find out, dirty diapers are no joke! Who could believe that something so smelly could come out of such a sweet little child? Can you wash the little baby and change their diaper. Throw the old ones in the bin as quickly as you can. Now that baby is washed and changed, it’s time to have something to eat. A tiny baby can’t feed itself, so you’ll have to heat up some milk and hold the bottle. Put baby in the feeding chair and spoon out little bites of mashed baby food. Now it’s time to head to the nursery to play. Can you find baby’s favorite toys? When your little toddler starts crying, it’s probably because they’re tired. That means it’s time for beddy-byes! Wrap the baby in a soft blanket and put them in their cot or crib. With some luck, it won’t be long before this little bundle of joy drifts off to sleep. Finally! Well done, you! Now you can get some well-deserved peace and quiet.

Lots of online baby games for you to play for free

We’ve got a selection of online games focused on different aspects of babysitting. In our nursery games, you’ll be looking after a small group of toddlers. Can you multitask and make sure none of the children get up to any mischief? We’ve also got lots of baby care games in which you need to wash the baby and tuck them into bed. In our baby makeover games, you get to dress the babies up all kinds of cute and tiny baby clothes. Which outfits do you think look the most adorable of all?