Experience the future of simulation in Tom Clancy's Shootout! Now, there is no need for you to challenge your creativity to think about how the simulation world will turn out to be. Let’s get down to the shooting arena and see how you’ll adapt to new atmospheres!

In this shooting game, you will be playing as a participant in a simulation program. You don’t need to worry about your whereabouts because from a set point, you can look around by dragging the cursor and aim at the cardboard criminals. Some of the cardboard people appearing before you will be innocent people, so make sure not to fall for your rapid instinct and shoot them. The cardboard criminals may come in different disguises which should lead you to aim at different parts of the body to take them down. Don’t forget that you are not alone in this simulation war zone and will be ranked among real-time players around the world per how many criminals you took down. So, make sure to use the coins you earned to unlock better warriors and upgrade their weapons to be more successful than ever!

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Tom Clancy's Shootout was developed by Ubisoft.

Release Date

November 17, 2022


IO gameplay with international real-time opponents

Colorful 2D graphics

Variety of warriors to unlock

Upgradable weapons and skills

Territorial and worldwide leaderboards


Aim at the cardboards by dragging the cursor and click left to shoot.