Dive deep to dig great mines in Idle Miner Space Rush! It’s time to work hard and get the best out of this miner space. Only if you can dig your way down non-stop and enhance your skills, can you become the winner and the wealthiest miner!

In this idle game, you will be focusing on your skills as a miner. You are surrounded by real-time opponents from all around the world and your future depends on not only your performance but also the performance of your opponents since you are sharing a total of limited sources. Your whole performance is defined by your digging speed, mine collecting speed, and bag capacity. When you are digging your way down, you will often stop by to collect the shiny moonstones you see. Once your bag is full, you need to go back to the base on the surface or find closer bases for ease, and leave your moonstones there to go on mining more. That break is when you can upgrade your skills to go back to the field as a better miner. When the time is up, you will see how many moonstones you collected and how you did in the rankings among all the other participants!

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Idle Miner Space Rush was developed by Ubisoft.

Release Date

November 02, 2022


IO gameplay with international real-time opponents

Colorful 2D graphics

Suits and head to unlock

Upgradable skills with idle gameplay

Territorial and worldwide leaderboards


You can move by dragging the cursor in the direction you want to mine or by using the arrow keys to mine towards a decided direction.