Everybody's favorite stacking game is back with improved graphics: Super Stacker 2! Tower builders rejoice! Challenge your stacking skills with 40 new levels and 4 different difficulty levels. Are you ready to play with shapes and build the tallest stack of all time? Grab your strong squares, mischievous circles, and tricky triangles! Watch out for sharp corners, though. Get the shapes in line and let the building begin!

In Super Stacker 2, your aim is to complete each level by trying to build a tower using the shapes given to you. When you start the game, you have to choose a difficulty setting. At first, only easy stacks are available. You have to unlock the rest by playing the game and completing the levels. To pass a level, your stack should survive for 10 seconds after being completed. As you pass the levels, the game will ask you to build various structures other than a simple tower. You can use different shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. There is a total of 4 difficulty categories, each with 10 challenging levels. After you complete all 40 levels, you can unlock the bonus mode! If you want to try your hand at creating your own levels, you can do it! Click on the "Make Your Own" button and start designing your own Super Stacker 2 levels! Be sure to test it beforehand though. Once you are sure that everything about the level you’ve designed works as intended, you can share your creation with the community!

Using shapes to build towers and figures and waiting anxiously for the 10 seconds to pass without your creation collapsing is one of the many reasons people enjoy Super Stacker 2. With its improvements in both graphics and gameplay, Super Stacker 2 offers hours of fun! If you enjoy solving puzzles or challenges that make you think, then be sure to explore our otherpuzzle games.


Gaz Thomas created Super Stacker 2


  • 40 challenging levels
  • Create your own level
  • 4 different difficulty categories
  • Speed-run option


Use your mouse to stack objects on top of each other.