Head to Grandpa Snail's cabin at the far end of the forest with Snail Bob in the second game in the series, Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party. Bob found the best birthday present for his grandpa and is ready to visit him. But theres a problem. The road to his grandpas cabin is crowded with hungry animals and stinging insects. There are also deadly traps, ravines, and other obstacles that could turn this pleasant journey into a nightmare. As a snail, Bob can't overcome every obstacle he encounters by himself, so maybe you can help him complete the journey to his grandpas birthday party!

Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party features 25 fun levels filled with interesting and exciting puzzles to solve. The other animals are not the only problems you will have to face. Carnivorous plants, steep drops, and other hardships await Bob along the way. As the player, your objective is to complete each level by solving those puzzles. Clear Bob's path of dangers and make it possible for him to reach the exit. Youll encounter many different puzzles. Hungry centipedes lurk around their boiling cauldron, waiting for Bob to fall in. Angry eagles are also looking for food. There are lakes filled with toxic waste, and even a robot snail from the future will try to claim Snail Bob's shell. The forest might be full of surprises, but the controls of the game are quite simple. Use your left mouse button to click on the buttons and levers to solve the puzzles. Bob may be a snail, but he can be fast when he needs to be! You can speed Bob up or slow him down. To make sure he doesn't walk into a trap before you clear his way, you can click on him to stop him. He will retreat into his shell and wait for your next click to continue moving. Some puzzles require you to stop Bob and make him hide in his shell for protection.

Avoid the dangers of the forest and let Bob reach his grandpa's cabin in safety! We know hell love the present his grandson has in bringing for him. When the party has come to an end, be sure to check out the other Snail Bob games in our collection, such as Snail Bob 1 Finding Home, Snail Bob 3 Egypt Journey, Snail Bob 8 Island Story and more!


Snail Bob 2 was developed by Andrey Kovalishin.

Release Date

June 2011


  • Entertaining soundtrack
  • Many levels to enjoy
  • Different puzzles in each level
  • Nice graphics


Use the left mouse button to play.