Help the penguin come up with the perfect plant to learn how to fly!

Prove that penguins can fly with Learn to Fly 2, the sequel to the first game in the series. Penguins have wings, so they should be able to fly, right? At least that's what our little arctic friend thinks. Being stopped by the cruel icebergs the last time, this penguin is quite keen on taking revenge! So strap on your belts, equip your gliders and mount your sleigh! Time to say hello to the skies!

Learn to Fly 2 gives players lots of choices to play and enjoy the game. With its many unlockables, challenges, and cute animations, you'll be playing the game for a long time. Your objective is to try to reach the farthest point. When you first start the game, you'll be presented with 3 game mode options. Story mode continues where the previous game left off. This game mode must be completed to unlock the other two modes, classic and arcade. Our protagonist learned his lesson from his previous experiences and this time he’ll use a dummy to put his flight plans to the test. Learn to Fly 2 differs from the prequel in that it introduces payloads. As you complete challenges and beat your scores, you'll earn cash to spend in the shop to buy upgrades. These upgrades are very important to reach higher scores. You can buy tools to improve your max speed, altitude, duration, distance, and destruction stats. With more money, you can unlock more upgrades and apply them to your dummy. You can also improve the height and length of the ramp, and the amount of fuel you can use on your boost upgrades.

Show the goofy Dodo that penguins can fly! Destroy the obstacles on your path, from snowmen to icebergs. Unlock and use new upgrades to embrace the skies! Visit our skill games collection and explore different fun games!


Learn to Fly 2 was developed by Light Bringer Games.

Release Date

June 2011


  • Many upgrades to unlock
  • Complete various challenges
  • 3 game modes
  • Funny animations


Use your mouse and the arrow or AD keys to play the game.