Experience the adventure of Raft Wars! It was a pleasant and warm day when Simon decided to play in the sand just like any kid would do. He never thought that he'd get sucked into an adventure until he found a secret, hidden treasure. News traveled fast and greedy pirates heard of his discovery. These pirates are keen on taking the treasure from him, even if some sandcastles will get destroyed in the process! Unlucky for them, Simon and his brother are not willing to give away their newly found wealth so quickly and without a fight. Jump onto the raft and take control as you try to fend off the mean pirates in Raft Wars. A summer vacation to be remembered!

In Raft Wars, your aim is to knock out every pirate you encounter in the levels as you avoid getting knocked out of your own raft yourself. With each level, the pirates will grow meaner and more desperate as they try to hit you harder. As you pass the levels and make progress, they'll call upon their pirate friends. Don't let them gang up on you! You will also have a chance to improve your raft and your weapons as you unlock new items and characters. To knock out the pirates, simply aim your weapon with your mouse and then adjust the power of your shot. If calculated properly, you'll hit the pirates and bowl them over, sending them to the depths of the sea. Now the fish will have to deal with those nasty pirates instead.

Test your aim and enjoy the funny characters, animations and amusing storyline of Raft Wars. If you manage to pull yourself away from this game, be sure to check our other similar games in our skill games category. Or if you'd like to continue the journey, check out the second instalment in the series, Raft Wars 2!


Martijn Kunst developed Raft Wars.

Release Date

November 2007


  • Unlockable new weapons
  • Funny story and characters
  • Easy gameplay
  • Fun levels


Use your mouse to aim and shoot at the pirates.