The Fire Duck lies defeated and the volcano has become dormant. In Duck Life: Treasure Hunt, join the other treasure hunters as you try to explore the cave to uncover hidden riches! Dodge the traps and dangerous denizens of the mysterious cave and compete against other treasure hunters as you try to travel as far as you can. With its simple controls, Duck Life: Treasure Hunt makes treasure hunting seems easy. Grab your utility belt and shovel and be prepared to run!

The fifth game of the series, Duck Life: Treasure Hunt lets you control a little duckling. Your objective is to travel as deep into the cave as you can and complete all the challenges while trying to avoid the deadly hazards. When you first start, you should create your character. Choose an eye shape and color, give them a hairstyle and even some clothes or tattoos. You are ready to head into the town! Here you can find many shops where you can purchase items and pets to aid you in your dangerous journey. Each of these shops has a different specialty so check them all. Now that you are ready, it is time for treasure hunting! Many other treasure hunters around the duck world will join you in the cave. Once inside, the game will present you with different challenges. Completing these challenges will earn you new titles and coins to spend in the shops back at the town. Collecting coins you see in the cave is another source of income but it is a lot slower than the previous approach. You will see floating chests in the cave. Try to grab them as they usually contain rewards and keys. But be careful! The cave is not abandoned and its residents are not happy with your invasion. Avoid them to become the best treasure hunter in the town.

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Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is a game by Wix Games.

Release Date

November 2014


  • Various shops to visit
  • Lots of upgrades to purchase
  • Can customize your character
  • Challenges


Use your left mouse button to jump and SPACE to shoot.