Snail Bob wasn't expecting quite so authentic an experience when he decided to meet up with his grandfather in the Ancient Egypt section of the museum. In the third game of the amazing series, Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey, Snail Bob is about to travel back in time! Bob’s curiosity got the better of him when his grandfather showed him a magical portal device. Despite all the warnings, Snail Bob decided to push the buttons on the device. It was just too tempting! Now Bob has been sucked into a magic portal and sent to the land of pyramids and mummies. Stranded in Ancient Egypt, Bob needs your help to make his way back home in this funny puzzle adventure.

Ancient Egypt is full of mysteries and you can get a taste of this legendary place in the amazing 20 levels featured in Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey. Be prepared to deal with lots of sand, ancient traps, and even an angry mummy! Just like the other games in this addictive game series, your objective is to help Snail Bob reach the end of every level by getting rid of various dangers that could trap or even kill him. The third game features 20 different levels filled with all kinds of hazards. Click on the different levers, buttons, and pistons to move platforms, block lasers, and open locked gates. Some levels will require you to stop Snail Bob so that you can make his path safe to travel. However, Bob’s in a rush to return home, so he won't stop moving until you tell him to. Click on Bob to make him retreat into his shell while you sort things out. Do you have a keen pair of eyes? Try to discover the hidden stars in each level to unlock all of the ancient art in Bob’s gallery. Each level contains three hidden stars, so be on the lookout!

Snail Bob is quite the adventurer. He’s a little scatterbrained though, and needs your assistance to help bring his journeys to a happy end. Have you played the first game of the series yet? If not, check out Snail Bob 1: Finding Home!


Hunter Hamster developed this game.


  • 20 different levels to play
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Unlock and view art pieces in the gallery
  • Exciting puzzles to solve


Use your mouse to play this game.