Complete all the tasks and see if you would make a good operative in Real Excavator Simulator! You have a long day waiting for you, so be sure that you are focused enough. Can you handle all the hard work about the construction now?

In this game, you are invited to enjoy a realistic experience. Thanks to the great 3D graphics, you can feel like you are operating a real excavator in this simulation game. During a series of levels, you will see an increasing incline of difficulty in the tasks you are expected to complete. Basically, you are expected to drive your excavator, collect the soil and replace it, too! Just keep on going and see if you can successfully complete the tasks to pass the levels. You will be earning some money for all your hard work, so make sure to spend them on new excavators to ride!

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CarGames.Com developed Real Excavator Simulator.

Release Date

March 31, 2021


3D realistic graphics

Tasks to complete

Various excavators to unlock

Assistive instructions to follow


You can use the pedals and the assistive arrows on the screen or the WASD keys to control the car.