Hello Kitty and Friends need you in Hello Kitty and Friends Restaurant! The cutest kitty on earth is here and this time she has the best restaurant on earth. She is a great chef and a lovely hostess, but she still needs your help! Can you save the day with your loving assistance?

Hello Kitty and Friends are at a restaurant that will blow your mind away. From delicious meals to cute decorations, this is the best restaurant in town. But today our lovely hero has way too many visitors, and she could use some extra hand! You can help her by leading her the way. Just click on the visitors to see what they wish to eat. Later, you’ll be taken to the kitchen. When you’re in the kitchen, follow the order of the ingredients and create masterpieces from delicious salads to fun sundaes. You will not only help our cute hero save the day but also have the chance to see every tiny secret she has in creating delicious orders! Now, let’s show everyone how good of a friend you are beside the great chef you will become!

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SANRIO developed Hello Kitty and Friends Restaurant.

Release Date

February 07, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• The wonderful world of Hello Kitty and Friends!

• Mini-games to cook the meals

• Fun and addictive gameplay


You can use the mouse to choose options.