Thanks to gravity, we can live on this planet and not float off into space. With the third installment of the famous gravity-defying adventure game series, in G-Switch 3, you can have one of those gadgets you see in many sci-fi movies! Wear your anti-gravity boots and be prepared to start a dazzling adventure. Manipulate gravity with just a click, travel through the levels, and try to complete them by avoiding obstacles and jumping on platforms. We hope you can endure the constant change in gravity because this will be a challenging trip! Keep your eyes on the track and your hands on the anti-gravity button and start playing now!

The idea of altering gravity might sound appealing at first, but the consequences of meddling with such forces could be disastrous. Throughout the levels, you will have to make very quick decisions to avoid certain death either by falling into the gaps, floating off into the air, or getting caught in various traps. As the player, your objective is to avoid all these situations and try to complete each level. In each level, you will pass through laser beams that act as checkpoints, and you can restart from these locations once you have died. The controls of the game are pretty simple. When you reach the end of a platform, press either the left mouse button or the space key to change gravity to land on the next platform. Timing is important here because if you fail to click on time, your character will fall and die. In different levels, you will encounter many different obstacles, from spiked wheels to platforms with tricky shapes. In addition to the classic gameplay mode, you can try out the endless mode where you have to go as far as you can without dying. If you want to play with someone else, you can try the multiplayer mode. No matter which mode you choose, you will have a great time with this addictive game!

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Serius Games developed this game.


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Endless mode
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Colorful graphics


Use the left mouse button or the space key to change gravity.