Make a sweet escape with Cut the Rope! Meet Om-Nom, one of the cutest game characters you've ever seen! He’s always looking to satisfy his sweet tooth and needs your help reaching the candy as he tries to make his way through the various puzzles along the way. Join him on this sweet journey and test your puzzle solving skills as Om-Nom munches on the treats you give him.

Cut the Rope has intuitive gameplay that everyone can master without difficulty. As the player, your objective is to deliver the candy to the main character, Om-Nom, by cutting the ropes the sweets are tied to. Be careful with those scissors! You must take a good look at the level design before you start cutting any ropes. You need to figure out how gravity factors in. In some levels, the candy will be tied to multiple ropes. In order to complete the level successfully, you must decide which ropes to cut. Cutting the wrong rope will cause the candy to get stuck and leave Om-Nom with tearful eyes and you with an uncompleted level. Timing is also important. Keep your eyes on the candy as it swings from one side to another. Time your cut correctly and you’ll be able to complete each level with ease. There’s no need to rush, Om-Nom is very patient. You'll also see three golden stars in each level. These are optional to collect but hitting them all will increase your total score for that level. If you forget to collect some, you can replay the level whenever you want. Challenge yourself and try to collect all the stars!

With its cute main character and sweet graphics, Cut the Rope is sure to become your favorite pastime. This title’s fun puzzles and amusing gameplay have already created many fans around the world. If you like this game, be sure to check the next game in the series, Cut the Rope 2.


Cut the Rope was created by ZeptoLab

Release Date

4 October 2010


  • Various puzzles to solve
  • Funny character, Om-Nom
  • Many levels to play
  • Physics to play with


Use the left mouse button to cut the rope and interact with other items.