In the newest installment of the series, Adam & Eve: Night, mysterious forces made Adam travel to Transylvania while he was asleep! He woke up in the middle of nowhere and he needs your help to get back to home; to Eve! Can you solve all the puzzles and let him find his one true love again?

Some might call it sleepwalking, or a strange force that guides you through the night. But whatever it is, this phenomenon left Adam stranding in the middle of the spooky Transylvania; home of the great vampires and scary creatures! Just like in each Adam & Eve game, your objective here is to solve the puzzle by clicking at the items around in the right sequence and find a doorway for Adam to pass the level. Because in this strange place, spooky creatures are lurking around and it makes Adam miss home more! Watch out for locked doors, because they might require a key. Use your brains and your skills to act quickly before these creatures of the night get to Adam. The further you progress into the night, the more challenging it gets. You might even have to go through lteral hell to get back! Can you reach the unexpected ending and find the right way home?

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Functu developed Adam & Eve: Night.


  • Dark 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay
  • Multiple levels to enjoy


You only need your mouse to play this game.