Om Nom might be a little green monster but it has the biggest sweet tooth ever! Help him eat his favorite candy in the next game in the amazing and wildly popular series, Cut the Rope Experiments. Get ready to cut the ropes, collect stars, and solve challenging puzzles through dozens of new and fresh levels.

Om Nom is waiting and it’s not the most patient little green monster! Similar to the other titles in the Cut the Rope series, as the player your objective is to cut the ropes that are binding the candy and let it fall into Om Nom’s mouth. In Cut the Rope Experiments, each level is filled with different puzzles and obstacles. Physics and mechanics are at play so you have to consider how gravity will affect the delicious candy before you take action. You will encounter different mechanics and tools on some levels. You may have to use a bubble to transport your candy from one place to another, and you should use an air blower to avoid touching spikes. If the candy leaves the screen, either by falling down or flying away in a bubble, you will lose the level. Once the candy is in the right position, just swipe through the ropes that are binding it and release the candy. Each level has a total of 3 stars that you can collect to unlock other levels. Try your best and collect every star on each level to earn high scores. You can see the total number of stars you’ve collected in the upper right corner of the level selection screen.

It looks like Om Nom is happy, for now. But we’re sure he’ll be craving more sugar soon, so why don’t you check out our website to play the other Cut the Rope games for free? You can play the other two popular titles, Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2.


ZeptoLap developed Cut the Rope Experiments.

Release Date

August 4, 2011


  • 8 different areas each with many levels
  • Physics
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Challenging puzzles


Use your mouse to play this game.