Top 5 Flash Games You Would Love To Play

Some people might consider flash games a waste of time but if you are really a fan, you will find nothing more appealing than spending 5 minutes playing your favorite game. The thing about flash games is that they are addicting especially now that they have become more complex than ever and fully featured.

Flash games started with classic titles such as Frogger and Pac-man but now, we have improved options such a Max Dirt Bike and Bowman. If you are looking for the best flash games to play, here is the list of top 5 that you might want to try:

  1. Jacksmith

It seems like a simple game but as a first impression can be deceiving sometimes, same is the case here. In this game, you have to take the role of a small town blacksmith arming your band of pig warriors. You will have the finest weapons to play with. The weapons are crafted through mini-games like constructing hilts, and pouring bronze etc. The game becomes repetitive but you will gain satisfaction through constructing the wall instruments.

  • Super Mario 63

If you already love Mario, you are definitely going to love this one. It is highly encapsulating starting from high peaks to its arid deserts. You can triple jump, sprint, and ground pound your way to reclaim your shine sprites and of course, recuse Princes Peach.

  • Age of War

The game begins in the dinosaur era and the age of cavemen, moves into the medieval times then the modern era where you will see flying tanks and artillery guns. Even though the game has its own tweaks, it still maintains a simple design though. The goal is to protect your base but destroy that of your opponents. You are going to need a good strategy to keep up though.

  • Rouge Soul

Not all games have to be groundbreaking to offer you a high level of entertainment. If that’s you, you are definitely going to like Rouge Soul staring a hooded ninga who takes pride in being the finest thief in the city. But when his rival bandit “Borin Hood” garners all praise, he tries reclaiming the title and wreak havoc on the landscape. There is going to be a lot of running, jumping, and sliding through the streets. There are lots of other enjoyable moments you would like to explore in this flash game as you play.

  • Warfare 1917

When it comes to war games, World War II dominates the field. But this game sets in 1917 and its focus is the British and German hostilities during World War I. The game’s strategy is pretty straightforward. You will have to use an infantry armor and fire support to overthrow your enemy. The game also features a custom battle mode so if you are looking for something out of the box, Warfare 1917 is going to astound you.

There are plenty of other flash games you would enjoying playing too because so many of them exist. But if you are asking for the best ones, we have spelled them out for you.