The Chronological Timeline of Twitter is back with all its potential benefits

Among all of us, there are many social media users who want to have the social media posts that are most recently shared by the accounts just like a Most Recent option in Facebook feed. They are less likely to see the posts that are being shared in their feeds because of the Twitter algorithm. Finally, Twitter has launched its new option of the chronological feed timeline which will show the posts that are more recent and recently shared by the brands as well as the accounts that users are following.

In November 2018, the feature of the chronological feed timeline was first tried and tested. After some fixes to make the timeline view more easy and convenient for the users, it is now officially launched which enables the users to see the most recent tweets first when they open the Twitter app. Now all the users with this latest update can use this feature and enjoy the recent posts first.

Who can use this feature?

There will be a little spark option and tapping that option can switch you to your chronological feed timeline with latest feeds. At this time, the toggle is only available for the iOS users and soon it will also be available for the android users. The iOS users can enjoy this feature after updating the Twitter app. Android users, wait a little for this change.

What are the benefits it will provide to the users?

As we know that Twitter is a platform that is used for breaking many latest news and happenings. This feature can help the users to quickly search and participate in the conversations that are happening right in that moment. People can get more informed and quickly get the information just by switching to this chronological feeds timeline.

This is what many of the social media platforms trying to provide to their users. The feature will help Twitter to compete with other social media giants well in this race. Marketers who buy twitter followers cheap will get more exposure from this update.

This feature can be very useful for the people who like to get the updates of the live events like live sports matches and other live programs. This option will make the Twitter ideal for these people.

The users will not have to wait for switching between the two timelines and tapping on the spark button asks for two options, including “go back home” and “view the recent tweets.” Just a tap can take you to the feeds that are more recent and happening right now, while the other option of go back home can take you to the feeds that are according to the Twitter algorithm as per the interests you show on the Twitter platform.

Twitter is always a platform that is easy to use and connecting many people. Now it has become even easier platform to exchange the users’ ideas and improve the relationship among them. The users can now easily reach to the worthiest ideas which are just a tap away.