How to speed up the growth of your Instagram followers

However, gain followers on Instagram organically take a lot of efforts and pretty much time but you will get the more loyal and engaged audience. There are some proven tactics that can speed up the growth of your followers on this biggest photo and video sharing app. Here’s how to gain followers on Instagram.

How to gain followers on Instagram:

There are a lot of ways that can accelerate your Instagram growth. Let’s have a look at how to gain followers on Instagram.

Use collaborations and influencer marketing:

On Instagram, collaborations and influencer marketing play a vital role when it comes to increasing your followers in no time. Get tag or mention, repost from other Instagram account will work well to expand your network. Find out some accounts which are also working on similar niche and audience. Ask them to feature your post or give shout out to each other. Moreover, work on the same project and promote it on each other’s accounts.

Get yourself featured on big accounts

Have you tried it? If no, consider adding this tactic to your growth strategy. Find out a big account that has a similar target audience and asks them to feature your content. If your photos are high-quality and appealing, people will take more interest to feature your content on their account.

  • Do some in-depth research and find out that accounts (related to your industry) which feature the content of other people.
  • You can use their branded hashtags in your posts to make them notice your account. You can also tag their account in the caption of your photos.
  • Some people also share their email address in the bio section. You can send them an email and introduce yourself. Don’t send a lot of emails, just tell them you love their Instagram posts and their brand. You can also share some ideas for their next posts.

Use tagging and geotags:

When you are looking for the massive following, don’t forget to add geotags with your posts especially when you are sharing the photo from a most popular place in the world. It is the easiest way to make your content more searchable because people find the posts with the help of geotags.

Tag your loyal followers, brands and Instagram influencers in your posts. If you are working on a project with another brand or someone else, tag them in the caption of your posts and on the image.

Promote your Instagram on your other social media networks:

Cross promotion is the best ways to promote your Instagram profile and entice your existing followers to visit your profile and follow you on Instagram. By doing this, you can get the real and active followers. Share your posts on other social media that have the potential to reach a number of people like Facebook and visual network like Tumblr.

You can bring your Facebook followers over to Instagram profile by announcing a contest you are hosting only on Instagram. Create a post and encourage your followers to take part in this contest. That way, more people will likely to be you Instagram followers.