All you need to know about Kizi Games

Online games have caught the attention of the people of all ages because they are hassle-free, ultimate fun and family friendly. Kizi games are considered as sweetheart on the scene of gaming. It is basically a web platform where you can play games using a web browser. But you can’t download them in your device.

Categories of Kizi Games:

Kizi games have a variety of games categories from action to puzzle. You can see all these categories on the main page of their website. You can find these categories in the left section with the game icon. There are 8 categories on this gaming platform that you can choose from i.e. Action, Racing, Puzzle, dress up, bubble shooter, strategy, food, and Alien. If you are not registered on this web portal, you can access these games as a guest while registered users have no restriction on the category section.

How to Search For Kizi Games on the web portal:

Albeit, there are eight categories but if you want to search a specific game there, you can make a quick search by putting your query.  On gaming web portal, games are stored in other categories that enable the users to access or play the game by making a quick search. For example, a user wants to play an action game but he/she don’t know the name of this action game. When the user sees the icon with gun shooting images, he/she will click on this icon because this what he/she wants to play. Even every category has a number of games that you can play and enjoy with your friends. The user can also write the category name or game name in the search bar at the right side and find the required game.

What’s New on Kizi Games?

There are a plenty of games available on Kizi’ web portal and the good thing is that they upload new games on the regular basis. The user can find new games in the section of new games. So whenever you want to play something new then go to the ‘new’ section and have fun in your free time. You can find the new icon on the left side of the home page below the kizi logo.

How to Play Kizi Games:

Kizi games are simple to play even kids can play their games. Every game comes with the instruction that tells the users how to play this game. However, some users don’t read the instructions and fins the game difficult when they play the game on this web portal. The user can use either keyboard or mouse to play the games. Now, the user can also play these games on touchscreen computers. Most of the games can be best played on mobile dives and touch screen computers. Every game that is available on this web portal are not available for free, some games are available for premium use. You can play these games on the web browser only, there is no application is available for these games.