5 untold facts about Alaina Marie Mathers, Eminem adopted daughter

Alaina Marie Mathers is a daughter of the world’s renowned rap kingEminem (Bruce Marshall Mathers III). She was born to Dawn Scott in 1993.However, she was adopted by Eminem but most of the people don’t know aboutAlaina. Unlike his father, she wants to keep her life secretive from themainstream media. She is also not active on social media which made her anunknown person to a lot of Eminem’s fans. But here we compile some untold factsabout the adopted daughter of Eminem which you might be not known to many. Readon and let’s dig it out.

1.    Alaina Marie Mather is not the biological daughter of Eminem

However, most of the people know about the family of Eminem but they might be uninformed that Alaina is not his biological daughter as she is the daughter of Kim Scott’s sister Dawn Scott. Kim Scott was Eminem’s ex-wife who married twice with the rapper. Alaina’s mother, Dawn Scott was drug addicted and she was under medication before her death. She was not in good condition to raise her daughter in a good way and then Kim Scott adopted her. But after the divorce of Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott, Eminem got the full custody of her.

2.    Her Real name is Amanda Marie Scott

People know him as Alaina Marie Mathers but you might be surprised to know that Alaina is not her real name. Her mother named her Amanda Marie Scott but Eminem changed her name from Amanda to Alaina after adopting her.

3.    Eminem’s Ex-Wife and Alaina’s mom Were Twin Sisters

A lot of Eminem fans are unaware that his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott and Alaina Mather’s biological mother, Dawn Scott was twin sisters. They were born to Sluck family in 1975 and raised by their mother in Michigan. Her mother, Dawn Scott was a drug user and she was in miserable condition due to excessive intake of heroin. She couldn’t take care of Alaina, So her sister Kim Scott then-wife of Eminem decided to adopt her. She rose with the biological daughter of Eminem and Kim Scott, Hailie Jade Mathers and another daughter of Kimberly Scott, Whitney Scott Mathers.

4.    Her Biological Mother Died Of Drug Overdose

Her mom was the former sister-in-law of famous rapper Eminem and twin sister of her adopted mother Kim Scott who found dead at the age of 41 in her home in 2016. She died due to the heroin overdose. Kimberly Scott tributes her twin sister on Twitter with these words, “Dawn Scott was my dearest, lovely sister who lost her way.”

5.    She had a boyfriend unlike her sisters

She is a bit more secretive when it comes to her personal life, unlike her other siblings. She has no active social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Recently, she is not dating with anyone, however, there were some reports surfaced on the media about her rumored boyfriend. But she did not confirm her relationship with her alleged beau. Although, an Instagram fan page shared a picture of Alaina with a guy whom they called as her sweetheart.


Hope you enjoy our post that unveiled the untold facts about the life of Alaina Marie Mathers, Eminem adopted a daughter. Leave a comment and let us know your views about the life of Alaina.