Swords of Legends Online brings extreme dungeons, a hard mode raid, and a Moon Festival tomorrow

The next update arriving to Swords of Legends Online tomorrow, September 16th, could easily be described as having two halves. On the one side, you’ve got harder content to tackle, while on the other side, there’s a serene and beautiful-looking autumn festival. So a little bit of something for everyone, then. Assuming there are plenty of people in both camps.

The seasonal event is the Moon Festival, which has players taking on minigames that involve testing their memory and gathering falling stars for points, or releasing lanterns into the sky. Lantern releases will also enter players into a special raffle that runs daily between 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM in-game time in Cloudrise, Chang’an, and Jiangdu. Taking part in these events rewards a seasonal currency to buy themed rewards like avatars, chat emojis, and a new photo mode filter.

As for the update’s challenging content, that arrives in the form of extreme versions of Frostbitten Path, Chou Prison, and Raging River Ruins, as well as a hard mode version of the Xuanjiu Jade Palace raid. Players can get a look at the extreme dungeons in the trailer below along with a trailer for the Moon Festival. Just in case you’d like some tonal whiplash.

source: press release

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