Star Citizen Issues Hotfix to Address Missing Currency

Star Citizen Issues Hotfix to Address Missing Currency

If you’ve been missing aUEC currency in Star Citizen of late, don’t worry. The team over at Cloud Imperium tracked down the bug.

It seems many players logged bug reports with the Issue-Report Council regarding missing aUEC currency. Fortunately, given the volume of reports, Cloud Imperium Games were able to track down the issue and address it head on.

A hotfix was rolled out which should now mean you’ll see proper aUEC currency in your wallets moving forward. As the forum post notes,

Players logging back in after 2320 UTC on September 13 should now see aUEC values on their account that represent the most up to date values stored in the backend services. It’s important to note that for the duration of when this bug was active, some aUEC lost is unable to be recovered. We are very sorry for any frustration that may cause, and are taking steps to mitigate this in the future.

Additionally, the 3.15 database wipe is upon us. However, as theStar Citizenteam notes, the wipe will be broken up into three parts including Item, Wallet (aUEC), and Reputation. The reason for this break-up is to allow the team and community flexibility as which parts will see a wipe, thus reducing impact to the community and game overall.

The team also notes Reputation has undergone considerable tuning since 3.13. Additionally, due to some lingering account issues experienced by some players, this wipe will help address and remedy those problems. Finally, with all the wealth accumulated by players, theStar Citizenteam wants to gather further data into how exactly players are spending this money.

You can catch the full post here. Elsewhere in the Star Citizen’verse, the UK Advertising Standards Authority told Cloud Imperium Games their marketing surrounding ship sales must be clearer after an ad standards complaint.

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