Play Sweet Boom and pop all the cute bubbles! In this fun strategy game, you will be so immensely taken into the cute and colorful graphics that you won’t feel like you are solving a puzzle. Now, let’s see if you can pop all the bubbles!

Here is a total of 90 levels that will challenge you to bring up better and better ideas constantly. You will see some bubbly icons with funny faces that stand in certain positions with a certain distance between them. Your aim is to clear them all off the board with the only move you have that is to click on them. When you click once on a green bubble, it pops. When you click once on an orange bubble, it turns into a green bubble. The good thing is that you can also turn the orange bubbles into green ones or pop the green ones with the splash of little bubbles when you pop one bubble. You will have a limited number of chances to click on the bubbles. So, you should decide the best way to which bubbles to click and pop so that there will be no bubble to pop. Don’t forget to try out the extra mode of 30 levels with increased difficulty if you can complete the normal mode with 60 levels!

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Stickman vs Monster School Team developed Sweet Boom.

Release Date

July 21, 2022


• Colorful graphics

• Puzzle-based gameplay

• Intuitive controls

• 2 different difficulty levels

• 90 levels in total


You can click on the orange bubbles once to turn them into green and twice to pop them.