Join the fight and defeat all of your opponents in this addictive action-packed game, Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles! Dive into the doodle world of stickman and take control of him. Show your martial arts prowess as you beat the waves of enemies in the challenging levels of this amazing game. These opponents are not reasonable so good old-fashioned civilized talk is not an option for settling things. Instead, let your punches and kicks do the negotiating. Can you survive the attacks of your enemies or will you raise the white flag?

Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles features 40 different and challenging levels where you have to fight against your enemies. In games like this, you have to fight and survive attacks by waves of enemies until you beat every last one of them. As the player, your objective is simple. You have to complete each level by defeating all of the enemies you encounter. Don't think that your back is safe! These enemies are ruthless and they are keen on cornering you! They will approach you from the back as well as the front, so you have to be careful! To beat enemies, use the left and right arrow keys. The fight mostly happens at melee range, so you should wait until your enemies get close before you attack. Trying to hit them while they’re too far away will fail and will also give your vicious enemies a window of opportunity to strike you down. Your health bar is located in the bottom center of the game screen. If you run out of health, you will lose the level and have to try again. You’ll earn coins when you successfully pass a level and this reward depends on your performance. Use these coins to unlock and buy weapons for your character!

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Playtouch developed this game.


  • 40 levels to play
  • Different unlockables
  • Different weapons
  • Challenging gameplay


Use the left and right arrow keys to play.