Smash Hit is a 3D arcade game, which is suitable for all ages.

Get ready to break things because Smash Hit is here! Since the day of its release on mobile devices, Smash Hit has become one of the most downloaded apps currently available. Now that it’s been optimized for browsers, you can continue the mayhem on laptop and PC! Delve into a world of fragile objects, and quench your desire to destroy things by smashing crystals of many shapes without worrying about facing any consequences! The power of destruction and the sounds of breaking glass is at your fingertips! Watch your step. You wouldn't want to cut yourself!

Smash Hit offers smooth gameplay without any overly complex mechanics. Your aim is to destroy as many objects as you can before they block your way. Aim with your mouse and press your left mouse button to shoot. The world moves constantly so you should adjust your aim accordingly. To add to the challenge, you also have limited time and shots. After every successful hit, you earn a few seconds and shots back. Completing each level to %100 before you run out of time will grant you 3 stars so challenge yourself to collect them all! Some of your targets will be located at the edges of your screen, and can be quite hard to aim for. Some of the objects will be located right on your path and you should hit to remove them from your way. Crashing into them would decrease your time massively, so try to avoid it!

Turn your left mouse button into your instrument of destruction and watch the broken glass fly around as you wreak havoc. Show those daring objects not to cross your path again. Let nothing stand on your way as you steadily move closer to your final destination Challenge yourself through 10 levels and try to achieve the highest score you can. If you enjoy shooting things and want to discover the genre, visit our other shooting games!


Smash Hit was created by Mediocre AB.

Release Date

February 2014.


  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • 10 different levels


Use your left mouse button to shoot.